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Zinedine Zidane says he hopes Gareth Bale's exit from Real Madrid is 'imminent'

Gareth Bale’s time with Real Madrid could come to an end in a matter of days after manager Zinedine Zidane said the club were working the Welsh international’s transfer to another side.
Bale, 30, has won four Champions League titles since joining Madrid from Tottenham Hotspur in 2013 for a then world record 100 million euros, but struggled to hold down his place in the starting side last season and was criticised for failing to fill the void left by Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure to Juventus.
Amid suggestions that competition will only increase next season after the arrival of Eden Hazard, Bale was left out of Saturday’s 3-1 defeat by Bayern Munich in a pre-season clash in Houston. Zidane told a news conference: ‘He wasn’t included in the squad because the club is working on his departure… that’s why he didn’t play.’

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  1. Avatar

    Gareth Bale is the reason Carlo Ancelotti left Madrid.

  2. Avatar

    Bale a brilliant player who gets paid 100mil to stay out of the field cause if injuries all year long and then show up once in a while in a big match and thats enough for his fans to go apeshit.

  3. Avatar

    At least give Bale the respect he deserves. Saying I hope he’s gone soon is not the best way to describe the situation. He will leave a little bitter towards some and I hope he comes out with his new club with fire in his belly showing the world again he’s got balls of iron💪🏻👍🏻💥💥💥💥💥

  4. Avatar

    U know u have to divorce ur wife in proper way but not like this

  5. Avatar

    I don't feel like Bale has that same hunger he used to…also his 700k wages would be better off used on someone else(mmmmmbap)

  6. Avatar

    Stay and take the pay packet Gareth, regardless of what you do now history will remember you as an integral part to a historical treble of UCL titles

  7. Avatar

    All because he scored a better champions league final goal 😂

  8. Avatar

    Wow so disrespectful… Bale won 3 ucl trophys with you, arguably his first season if he didn't score that header against athletico Madrid in UCL final 2017 they might not of won 3 in a row… This is why players from epl shouldn't go to real or barca.. No loyalty.

  9. Avatar

    Real Madrid is the worst Club when it comes to their big players they don't show respect for what they do so I hope Gareth Bale will find a better Club than Real Madrid and he will be a superstar

  10. Avatar

    Japanese prison camp guards under WW2 always selected one random prisoner to excecute each time new prisoners arrived. This is what Zidane is doing with Bale. Bale is injury-prone, and not humble enough to learn the language after this many years. Zizou getting rid of Bale sends a strong message to the players, that he is not playing around. Things won't be tolerated under his reign, this is why Zizou is so sucsessfull. Guardiola also did the same thing with Joe Hart when he arrived as a coach.

  11. Avatar

    Arrogant, does not speak the language , very insulting not to spaniards but to him self.. Plus, we don't know fully what exactly occurred in the past! Kubo speaks Spanish better than players that payed in Spain for some time. Bale should have played Irish football rules, or even better Australian football rules!

  12. Avatar

    The solution is simple: Madrid has to pay Bale the reminder of this contract and then he will leave.

  13. Avatar

    Real Madrid, turning gentlemen into assholes since forever. Poor Bale.

  14. Avatar

    The man literally won the champions league for yall. Atleast show him a bit of respect

  15. Avatar

    Each time he says it's not personal, I believe him less

  16. Avatar

    He didn't have to say those words. The world knows about the issue. It's like telling Bale to leave or he will be thrown out.

  17. Avatar

    Gareth Bale is 100 Milyon worth impalement action for Real Madrid..

  18. Avatar

    Zidane has no manners, so disrespectful with Bale. If he wants to Bale leave asap, then pay him the 50 millions that remain of his salary and let him go for free.

  19. Avatar

    "It's not personal"

    -Believed by no one

  20. Avatar

    The [Super PREDATOR]
    Hunter 20/20👈😄🇺🇸

  21. Avatar

    I kinda hate zidane for what he did to bale

  22. Avatar

    But it is personal lol, that’s the whole point. He doesn’t wanna play him because he always gets injured so he’d rather play and develop other players. But obviously Bale wants to play because he’s still great when fit. Doesn’t help he makes a ton of money, too. But it’s definitely for the best they separate from each other.

  23. Avatar

    Maybe United? Time to step up and buy a “frequently injured super star” again…

  24. Avatar

    Zidane está actuando mal con Gareth Bale, le hizo mucho al club durante esos años. No debe ser tratado así.

  25. Avatar

    If it weren't personal a coach would talk in a more respective way about his player

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