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Zimbabwe: Return of white farmers may boost food production

Twenty years after Zimbabwe’s controversial land reform policy, when thousands of white farmers were forcibly evicted, some are returning to the land as tenants of Black owners.
As Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa reports from Mashonaland East province, the government hopes their return will boost production amid warnings that millions of Zimbabweans are facing food shortages.

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  1. Avatar

    In Africa, they call Europeans… whites. In Asia, they call Europeans… foreigners because they know they are not originally from there. There's no question if you are black or white. The only valid question is, "are you native to the land or are you originally from that region."

  2. Avatar

    South Africa needs to do the same. Take away the land from whites and give it to the majority, then do partnerships and allow them to help run the farms and businesses. But allowing the minority whites to own 80% of the wealth and land is not acceptable.

  3. Avatar

    Bring the whites back!!! …..just wait once the Chinese take over this will be child’s play

  4. Avatar

    this is what America will look like

  5. Avatar

    Land reform was a good thing, it was just implemented wrongly. The land was distributed amongst cronies. It also didn't help that there has been a drought in Zimbabwe for about a decade now

  6. Avatar

    Only if they unblock the newly built damns that where built and stop providing Africa with toxic chemical fertilisers that DON'T grow food. Africa once grew food by the skins of root food and used them as fertlisers. The British empire and foreign interference has ruined that continent, and now they still have to contend with them and China.

  7. Avatar

    This nonsense can not happen in West Africa

  8. Avatar

    Everyone has been trying to conquer everyone else for most of history… Do you think the first Europeans fled Africa for fun? THEY RAN FOR THEIR LIVES… Ancient Egyptian art depicts brown, black, and white humans in Africa… So should we ask modern Africans what happened to the brown and white people? CLEARLY IT WAS GENOCIDE. AFRICA IS BLACK NOW BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE WAS MURDERED! Not because Africa belongs to black people by birthright… The hilarious part is knowing Africa fell into total ruin afterward… they were probably so certain their problem was the other races… Thanks for reading, have a good day.

  9. Avatar

    Only a fool or desperate would move back to this racist lands.

  10. Avatar

    the land belongs to native African, European colonized it. Europeans need to pay rent or commission.

  11. Avatar

    So, the solution is White serfs on Black-owned farms?

  12. Avatar

    Hahahaha this is hilarious 😂

  13. Avatar

    Bring back Rhodesia

  14. Avatar

    Is it really worth the risk? The world stood by as the farms were taken from the whites.
    The populist story, whites stole the land, WHICH WHITES AS THE MAJORITY OF FARMERS

  15. Avatar
    Isprikitik burkabush

    Zimbabwe is a failed state, white farmers should try thier luck on other African countries like Namibia

  16. Avatar

    Ja julle boere sal nooit leer nie julle is in die virleede virwoes deer daardie regeering en julle gaan terug hulle wag net dat julle als reg het dan gebeer dieselfde as in die virleede dont trust them at al

  17. Avatar

    Aah Robert Mugabe Aah Robert Mugabe, I dont care others see but I truly know his role he played for Africans and their lands.

  18. Avatar

    Killed and chased the White off the land and now when you have the land and can’t work It, you want the White farmer back with His money to fund the work? I suppose when production is in full force the White farmed will be killed or run off the land. Any White farmer who goes back there deserves what he gets.

  19. Avatar

    White farmers have the financial means to operate and produce large scale farms because they can easily access private loans, unlike the locals who don’t have access to loans and government support.

  20. Avatar

    And for how long are they welcome? To feed the country and then get a knife in their belly? Maybe starving will get people to their senses.

  21. Avatar

    They are not african they are colonialist masters controlling your food reproduction and land

  22. Avatar

    Zimbabwe will rise again ✊🏿

  23. Avatar

    What a mess….

  24. Avatar

    It's good they finally got they land back

  25. Avatar

    This is nonsense you have the land then complaining about the hunger? Will these whites give you food for free?

  26. Avatar

    resists all afranicans are rasists

  27. Avatar

    White farmers got the market so black land owners gotta work with them or their crops won't sell internationally

  28. Avatar

    White people are genius

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