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Zimbabwe elderly bear the brunt of 700 percent inflation rate

Life has become difficult for millions in Zimbabwe, especially the elderly.
Many had saved hard to see them through retirement, but the 700 percent inflation rate and economic crisis have wiped out much of their savings.
And the coronavirus pandemic is making life even harder.
Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa has more from Melfort, Zimbabwe.

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    The excuses are that black people can't grow food by themselves, and they need white people to plant food for them!!! The fallacy that nobody can survive without white supremacy….or white supremacy won't leave black people alone…with sanctions

  2. Avatar

    Its hard to feel sorry for people who said nothing when whites where murdered on their farms or made destitute themselves when property and livelihoods where taken. All of these people where likely celebrating when that happened and they can now reap their rewards.

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    Insha'ALLAH Zimbabwe will be an Islamic country in the next decade. It will happen, whether by choice or by force, but for sure. After that they'll prosper, just like Algeria and Morocco.
    Complete Sharia must be inforced and Islam should be the only recognised official state religion in Zimbabwe.

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    Tactical operator run n gun duracoat master of the deserts of Utah

    Death to the world bank! Erase the debt of the developing nations!

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    Young Zimbabwean's if you don't do 'something' about your government, this is what awaits you. No pressure.

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    When Zumbabwe was better run under Mugabe! Yeah, sometimes you have to suffer to fight of the residues of colonialism and the self-righteous imperialist today!

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    zimbabwe is better off then the west.. full of debt..

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    I bet they were better off when it was Rhodesia

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    Sanctions are killing these people and their country just because of some political differences.

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