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Young risking health and fines to go to illegal raves

Police across the UK have warned that coronavirus is a “real and deadly threat”, as they urged people not to hold parties or gatherings this weekend in breach of lockdown rules.

Yet despite the threat of fines up to £10,000, illegal raves and unlicensed music events are still continuing, some of them attracting hundreds of young people.

A nuisance and a risk to local residents and the police – but those who attend say they need a few hours of escape from these most anxious and unsettling times.
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    Rave rave crab rave

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    Man Maketh the Clothes

    Yeah it's not really great but they're only young and tbh what do you expect when the government and its hangers-on break laws……. You could say that these young adults are only breaking the law in a very limited and specific way!!!!!

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