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'You have a better chance of surviving COVID in hospitals now than before'

Dr Alison Pittard has told Sophy Ridge people “have a better chance of surviving COVID in hospitals now than before.”

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  1. Avatar

    They have put us in a forever loop of battling a non existent virus so they can strip away our rights and freedoms. Enforce UN sustainable development 2030 goals across the UK. Destroying the working class in the process so everyone becomes reliant on this tyranical state. This will result in people having to submit to what ever they bring in going forward and to accept the technocratic controlled police state that they have put in place. This will in fact over time reduce the population as they will be speeding up our deaths through the vaccination/immunity digital passport program and all the other draconian measures that they're putting in place. Their even planning to alter and change our food. Life is not going back to normal. Wakey Wakey.

  2. Avatar
    Francisco Zurbaran

    No to forced vaccines.

  3. Avatar

    Clap for the NHS https://youtu.be/6zbamWlpN0s

  4. Avatar

    Or maybe its because the death count is a farce and based on anyone who had it not died with it 🙄🙄🙄

  5. Avatar

    Sky News is another tentacle of the progressive political virus

  6. Avatar

    Emma let me tale a guess age.. because another the cases are younger now.

  7. Avatar

    😴, it's a cold ffs get over it already

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar
    Richard fairhurst chungus

    Good we can defeat this virus 🦠

  10. Avatar

    But hospitals don't care about people with heart attacks, cancers and etc.

  11. Avatar

    The insurgence is now upon us. #Kontrol19

  12. Avatar

    One would hope so, given the focus on all that Matters, best wishes to those who require anything else non currently all there is.

  13. Avatar

    Tripe, 40 year old non smoker, light drinker And slightly overweight withno social distance has a 13% chance of catching Covid less than 0.003% chance of death and over 99% chance of recovery.
    ONS GDP Crash December 19, this is mass hysteria as backed by NHS death rates 0-60 no underlying issues bugger all in U.K. population percentage

  14. Avatar

    Bullsh*t media needs to stop chatting rubbish. New disease which people have been writing about it and talking about it many years ago. Stanley Johnson Boris dad wrote a book in 1982 called the virus.

  15. Avatar

    This video is getting likes first they say its good then its bad seems like lying.

  16. Avatar
    Irritating Git With A Grin

    I just don't trust doctors, nurses and the NHS any more.
    Doctors repaid their insurance, then paid their salary to stay at home when they should be looking after the needs of their patients.
    Taking the filthy lucre and saying NOTHING about the corrupt goings on.
    Shame on the lot of them.

  17. Avatar

    No it’s not deadly only deadly to the vaccine pushers and beds are full of 80yrs olds 👍

  18. Avatar

    Thankfully, most viruses become less deadly the more they spread due to natural selection favouring the less deadly more infectious variants of the virus, as the more deadly variants kill their hosts before they can spread.
    The really worry would be a virus which bucks the trend with a longer incubation period and as infectious as measles and as deadly as ebola.

  19. Avatar

    They will kill the rest of us off

  20. Avatar

    So can we go there to meet our family then?

  21. Avatar

    Covid 19 does not exist.

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