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'You didn't quit?': Terence Crawford and Amir Khan clash over low blow in welterweight fight

Amir Khan has said ‘I still got a lot left in me’ after accusations that he willingly quit in his WBO welterweight challenge against Terence Crawford.
Khan’s coach pulled him out of the fight after he took a low blow from Crawford in the sixth round at Madison Square Garden, but the British boxer insisted ‘I would never quit, I would rather get knocked out’.

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    Videos Chistosos

    amir "gabby jay" khan is a quitter!!!

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  3. Avatar
    Mary Joice Sapalasan

    Glass balls? 🤣

  4. Avatar

    Spence will walk u down bud…

  5. Avatar

    Now not only amir have no chin he is a quitter and a coward

  6. Avatar

    he gets 5 minutes to recover if he really wanted to keep going he just didn't want that smoke no more

  7. Avatar

    Khan robbed Crawford from a flawless victory. I lost all respect for Khan. Never want to see him fight again.

    Khan robbed the people and got paid $5 mil. What a con artist.

    His next fight should be on Nickelodeon for $5.99

  8. Avatar

    If i was khan i would have taken 5 minutes to recover and hit crawford in the balls too, but thats me.

  9. Avatar

    Too all you idiots who gave it to Jeff Horn .Crawford hits a guy in the Balls .

  10. Avatar

    Crawford resorted low blow to win against Khan and be considered p4p

  11. Avatar

    its a disqualifation for crewford. khan win

  12. Avatar

    Khan looks like the young version or Jerry Lewis lol

    I'll never watch him fight again. Hes a joke

  13. Avatar

    Since when did getting hit in the nuts cause a fight stoppage? BS!

  14. Avatar

    I outweigh Crawford by 100 pounds. I still wouldn't want him to hit me.

  15. Avatar

    I liked Amir Khan a lot as a fighter. He has blazing hand speed and I wanted to see him do well in this fight. But come on, let’s be real here. He quit. He was just looking for a way out, and that low blow was perfect. He was hit with a shot in this thigh, a pretty good distance away from the cup, and he quit because of that. It was very disappointing to see that.

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    love jesus jesus

    Amir khan vegetable chicken boxer

  17. Avatar

    It was a low blow. Didn't you guys hear? Amir Khan was born with a condition where his balls are located on his right thigh.

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    ricardo martinez

    Crawford is a paper champion very dirty and cheat fighter canelo is the best p4p

  19. Avatar

    Bottled it utter disgrace was getting smashed

  20. Avatar

    I had respect for khan. But after that he’s a bum

  21. Avatar

    With the looks of Khans face he was going to lose anyway

  22. Avatar

    U quit punk 😂🤣 😂

  23. Avatar

    Every dog has his day.

  24. Avatar

    Terrence "nut punch" Crawford.

  25. Avatar

    Always this scientific BS from the media to justify how they can't accept the fact that Crawford has beat the shid outta several Europeans, outclassed, out boxed, out smarted the best. Khan needs to retire after too many traumatic losses because he just doesn't have the stamina anymore to endure the pounding. Case closed !!!

  26. Avatar

    Wrong hit on the balls….

  27. Avatar

    The punch landed right where it would still cause pain in the testicles. Every guy knows that little taps to the nuts hurt almost as bad as full on blows, now add a punchers power such as crawfords and let the glove tag your testicles its gonna hurt. The thigh looks as if it caught most of the punch but you can definitely see where the glove makes contact

  28. Avatar

    I sorta feel sorry for Amir. He was crying in his dressing room after the fight. I'm not happy Amir went out like that. But yeah it sort of looked like he quit but he was hit with a serious low blow

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    Roberto Tabornal Jr


  30. Avatar
    Mohammad Sohail

    I love u amir khan.

  31. Avatar

    a serious blow to the head.

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