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Yachts | How It’s Made

All the comforts of home but on the water. Learn how these vessels come together!

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    Swag nazi hitler Germen guys xD


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    First comment!

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    Cool video love it

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    This wrong u use plastic plastic is ban in our country 😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😬😩

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    EnergeticGamer Christensen


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    That's a shitty yacht….

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    I will dislike my own comment cuz no one does

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    Thanks, i'm sure i will use this information someday..

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    The thumbnail shows a toy Yacht

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    You are watching how an overpriced product is made!

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    I love yatchs

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    Plus plumbing, fuel tank s , water tank s, electronic systems,safety equipment.

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    I don't know y i like fiber glass so much

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    How did YouTube know to suggest this when I was on my Yacht?

  15. Avatar

    After just two minutes the steps are;
    Step 1: get materials
    Step 2: build yacht
    Terrible video.

  16. Avatar

    that was just the hull. no motor attachment, no electronic connections, not even adding windows.
    No hinges , no handles. No latter on the back to get back in from the water.
    Just wait 2minutes and 43 seconds and pretend it was 6 months.

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    Wouldn’t it be easier to make a crafting table and just use 5 wood blocks to make it

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    3 minutes seriously!!!????!

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    this video wasn't really good

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    !y big brothers in it

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