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WWII "Tallboy" bomb explodes during effort to defuse it in Poland

The largest unexploded World War II bomb ever found in Poland was detonated by remote control after a failed underwater operation to defuse it.

Video shows the 5.4-tonne (12,000-pound) bomb exploding in a towering plume of water and steam under the Piast Canal, a key channel into the Baltic Sea for Germany’s warships during the Second World War.

Approximately 750 people were evacuated from the nearby town of Swinoujscie ahead of the bomb disposal operation on Tuesday. Officials had given the operation a 50 per cent chance of success, so the explosion was not a surprise.

The explosive, known as a Tallboy bomb, was dropped by Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) in an attack on the German cruiser Lutzow in 1945. The bomb missed its target and fell to the bottom of the canal, where it sank deep into the mud and lay dormant for decades. It was discovered last year with only its nose exposed.

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    Floating fish for dinner

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    Das ist nicht Poland das ist Pommern

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    2020 didnt get enough. Throw in some ww2 bombs

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    Almost 80 yrs since WW2, and Germany still under the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons agreement, (which would be bout two generations ago)_ oh wait..the predominant ethnicity of the U.S. is in the white house with the launch codes.

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    How many people will whine about the fish and environmental impact? Drones. Enjoy a good explosion.

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    Should have moved it to Ottawa.

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    Poor Plankton and Algae.

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    I mean was there people down there defusing it? Or were they using some sort of submarine drone/not??

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    Hitler be like Yes Poland 🇵🇱

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    WWII "Tallboy" bomb explodes during effort to defuse it in Poland 23004pm 14/10/20 saw this earlier…. looks very odd…. though that'll be due to my not being in accord with mass detonations…

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    Makes me think of all the chemical weapons dumped off the cost of new Jersey! That's insane.

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    Wow those old school bombs pack a punch.

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    This reminded me of when I farted in the tub. Sounded like a strong azz bass drum 💨💦😆

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    I was expecting something more spectacular from a Tallboy, but impressive just the same.

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    Winner winner fish for dinner

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    Scary and epic in equal parts

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    I wonder what it looks like viewing it under water (The explosion)

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    Name of the song please?

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    0:44 look at all those chickens! … 1:44 did they warn ppl of this man made tsunami?

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    ok, so they were actively defusing an UNDERWATER bomb when it exploded and none of the divers were injured??? How'd that happen?

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