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WWII plane drops 750,000 poppies over Kent

Over the White Cliffs of Dover, 750,000 bio-degradable poppies were released by a World War Two Dakota plane on Remembrance Sunday.

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  1. Avatar

    Beautiful sight of roses scattering across kent

  2. Avatar

    Why is that the German Windsor dynasty uses white rose and not red rose?

  3. Avatar

    They died for bankers and elites for political gains and power, stupid poor buggers.

  4. Avatar

    Gee I wonder where they got all those fresh poppy petals

  5. Avatar

    Should of bombed corbyn whilst they where at it

  6. Avatar

    The money from the fuel and the poppy's should of gone to the vetarens. Insanity at its best.

  7. Avatar

    How Beautiful 🌺💜💕
    Thanks so much 🙏

  8. Avatar

    I wonder how Many lefties are outraged over this lol

  9. Avatar

    Wonderful. I will be thinking of my late Grandad. He will probably be turning in his grave at the state of East London tho. RIP

  10. Avatar

    What an amazing act of remembrance, indeed.

  11. Avatar

    . . . whilst the rest of us had to endure the chemtrailling of our skies just after the remembrance services ~ no poppies here, just barium, strontium, lithium, coal ash, silver nitrate, sulphates, aluminium oxides:


  12. Avatar

    Fought so hard to save and given away so easily , waste of life for what , to be ruled by an unelected dictatorship and governed by traitors ..pathetic ..

  13. Avatar

    Waste of money, this money could house 100 Arab families.. fools

  14. Avatar

    Lovely idea. But god help people standing in their gardens 😂

  15. Avatar

    They aren't rainbow lgbtq pride?!??! Hate crime! Charge them all!!!!

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