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WW2 bomb explodes underwater in Poland during attempt to defuse it

A British bomb left over from the second world war has been detonated in Poland. The 5,400kg Tallboy bomb was dropped by the RAF in 1945 during an attack on a German cruiser. It was rediscovered in September 2019 during works to deepen a waterway near the port of Szczecin. Navy divers from Poland had rigged a small explosion to disarm the bomb but instead it went off. There were no injuries.

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    first comment yay

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    that seems cool and scary at the same time

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    Imagine just sailing across the water in a Kayak then seeing this happen. Madness!

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    O que é isso? 🤷🏽‍♂️

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    Yeah “earthquake bombs” with 5,000 pounds of explosives

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    yeah exploded by itself

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    How do you 'accidentally' detonate a 75 year old bomb? Give me a break 😒

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    Wondering why it didnt explode since long time?🤔

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    Such a shame that never made its intended destination: Jerry.

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    So what, did the divers just turn into sea plankton??

  11. Avatar

    Is this the same bouncy bomb ?

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    How come diffused if that bomb explodes? If accidentally explodes what kind of diffusal techniques applied when no one is around it?

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    I think it was upload a few year ago

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    Nobody was hurt.
    10,000 fish float to the surface.

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    Fish: "WHAT THE F?!"

  16. Avatar

    really. or is it a trafficking tunnel being blown

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    Poor fish!😆😆😆😎

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    Phillip Carr Manchester Mint Crypto

    Bingo… Mancuniancryptoguy zzz got your back Poland 🇵🇱🐝📸🎩

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    I live in Reims champagne country in France and you can still find guns in the forest or vignard from WW1 and 2 crazy

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    They built things to last back then

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    Americans don't have to worry about that…. yet

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    Well I see bad things are coming to me now

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    Well i guess they did wanted a deeper waterway o_o kinda crazy too think how many people would have just… drifted over this over the years.

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    Lord Askia mohanmend

    Many more still exist

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    The "Tall boy " bomb (5200lb/2400kg device.) was designed by Barnes Wallace( bouncing bomb designer), it was used successfully on the Tirpitz (Tromso fjord- Norway) .
    The reason it didn't go off, is generally the fuse, either a type 58 impact fuse or a type 47 time delay fuse. If either fuse failed then the main charge would remain in tact.

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    Well that part of the port is certainly deeper now

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    Well that's the easiest way to deepen the waterway.

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    Social Credit Adjudicator

    RIP fish.

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    no one was hurt
    What about the fish?

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    Good-advocate 88888

    Wow those metal,steel or iron covered the bomb did not erude!

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    So many years later and we still have serious reminders. Hopefully our youth realize how we need to try and avoid war as much as we can. Glad nobody was injured.

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