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Wuhan virus puts millions on travel lockdown during Lunar New Year

The Wuhan coronavirus has thrown plans for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday into chaos for millions of people with at least seven major cities under a travel ban. #CNN #News

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    Fingers crossed.

    We need another plauge. Like bad

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    Wow CNN do some due diligence here…typical procedures at hospitals for Mass Casualty Incidents and Infectious Diseases employ techniques for treating patients outside of the hospital so as not to overwhelm internal operating procedures or in this case, infecting other patients who are critical or have weakened immune systems. Tents outside hospitals are normal for these things, not "Draconian".

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    BIg, fucking deal.
    80,000 Americans died of flu in winter of 2017/18 – that is 667 a day.
    No one bats an eye.
    This latest coronavirus kills about 40-50 in a week+ around the ENTIRE planet?
    Everyone FREAKS.
    Get a grip you gullible, minions.

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    Shout out Garside Junior High School From Las Vegas NV

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    I read the real news from china TV station. ok which of you muudaa fokker went to china wuhan and rape animal inside the zoo. thats how Lung virus spread. πŸ™‚ hahaha flu notttttttt!wow CNN need a translator to get the fact.

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    The world is masking the problem, 26 deaths is a panic!!! Serious business.

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    Chinese government know something we dont know. they are not telling.

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    Note the constant normalization of the words "lock down," as if this is something a government should be able to do to an entire city at will.

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    Open Borders is now better than ever

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    keep these dog eaters out of Murica! No wonder they all wear masks, dirty animal eaters.

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    They are trying to decrease the human population

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    When it mutates into the Zombie Virus – you worry then. Cause gurrrrl… There gonna be so many people being munched on.. Even the Animals at the Zoo won't be safe.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    aiming for 100 subscribers so I can tell my mom im now a youtuber

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    I hope impeached Trump catch the coronavirus.

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    The situation might be worse than what Chinese government is saying. The situation might be 2000% worse.

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    Send them supplies for everything that they can need it is obvious this is going to get worse please help them they could be doing alot more than what I'm seeing save the people

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    While we all continue our regular daily schedules, These are the end of times. The Anti Christ is here.

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    Can you imagine putting 20 million under lockdown over not even 50 deaths? My city of 80,000 wouldnt notice over a 2 week time period, especially if they had pre existing conditions or were elderly.

  19. Avatar


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    F$cking China 🀬😑😑😑😑😑

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    Who needs regulations? Eat whatever you want, and sell meat however you want. Smh.

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    When we Chinese don't lockdown the country , CNN says "Chinese is putting the world health in danger". When we Chinese lockdown the country CNN stars worrying about Chinese's humam rights.

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    Ban them any/all from America… Minimal 5yrs.

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    China is NOW secretly taking people out….

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    I can understand the locking down on flights, and to some extent trains, but how do they expect people living in remote areas to get to a hospital, this simply mean that they are more likely to pass the virus to more people in their area. If they wont allow people to travel, then they must bring the help to people.

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    Taking my breathing treatment watching this shit unfold

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    When they said 2020 was going to be eventful, they were not wrong…..

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    Shout out to south vermilion middlle school, Indiana, (Gilman social studies class period 3)

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    Research,'August 21st 2017/ECLIPSE BALLOON LAUNCH'πŸ€”

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    We have been indoors for a week now but im traveling home today

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    whats wrong with the host? talking fast and sloppy out of breath and his eyes look really red???

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    Those earthmovers are digging a mass grave, not a hospital……………

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    Stop eating bats rats dogs cats raccoons

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    It’s in France and Nepal now.

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