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Working from home? Your boss is probably spying on you

When coronavirus spread around the world earlier this year, many offices shut their doors and sent staff to work from home.
And although this new professional landscape suits many, it also raised questions about worker privacy.
Several software services for remote working have seen their sales surge – they allow bosses to keep tabs on their staff.

Al Jazeera’s Rory Challands reports from London, UK.

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  1. Avatar

    Bosses are most unhappy ppl on earth. They find subordinates to forget their personal griefs. Work from home, doesnt change bosses feelings. They remain jerks as always.

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  3. Avatar

    Wow this is disgusting. Rich people trying to control everyone.
    I’d never work for a company who wants to install activity tracking software.


  4. Avatar

    that might be true but this is why you use a vpn or a different network. Also, if you are going to work from home it is a privilege. You must behave the same way you do at the office.

  5. Avatar

    Your channel is really inspiring because it inspired to create my own channel.Thank you for inspiring.

  6. Avatar

    Working from home is not excuse for breach labour law of the country and higher foreigner without higher local persons first. Government must need regulate all companies according laws if governments failed do that it is open door to scammers and terrorists to carried out their activities freely using internet.

  7. Avatar

    Spaying on people should be illegal .But payoff corrupt politicians
    want America to look like East Germany or Soviets Union .. Is getting close .
    .Bunch of ignorant people calling itself programmers with completely luck of understanding what they doing We need to put them out off their
    misery.. Block spaying bankrupt them people ! Microsoft Utah server 1989. .. Novell networking professional developer since 1992 Ak

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