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Worker posts video from ExCeL centre being converted into coronavirus hospital

The building work to turn London’s ExCel conference centre into an emergency hospital treating coronavirus patients ‘within days’ has begun. As construction began on Wednesday morning, Alex Woodside, who has been working on the cabling, posted a chilling video on Facebook showing the cavernous 100,000 sq metre Docklands site, saying: ‘If you are not taking this seriously, like I wasn’t, I think we really need to start’
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  1. Avatar

    There you go.. keep listening to the right wings of your govt.. and you end up regretting it every time in a moment of crisis.. sadly here in "Murica" We are ill prepared.. and our buffoon leader is telling people "gotta get back to work folks!" No one is taking it seriously here except some states… we are going to make the rest of the worlds deaths look like childs play.

  2. Avatar

    That doesn't look or sound very inspiring 😷

  3. Avatar

    I thought at the end he was about to say "welcome to hell".

  4. Avatar

    Hey smarty-pants that’s for all the homeless wake up

  5. Avatar

    The ones in control have to create these false illustrations so people continue to believe into their lies.

  6. Avatar

    I think most people that will go there would to be treated, not to die! Yes tragically some will but the vast majority will recover.

  7. Avatar

    Where is your mask, i don,t see anyone with masks.

  8. Avatar

    Government double speak one minute Herd Immunity next minute everyone stay at home (if you can)!!

  9. Avatar

    Damn! They don't even have beds for people!

  10. Avatar

    Boris Johnson should resign for frankly no direction and leadership.

  11. Avatar

    It's serious people … STAY AT HOME. A big thank you to all medical, nursing and everyone who contributes to our NHS. A BIG shout out to all the cleaners without whom everyone else caring for the sick would be wasting their time. The lowest paid but most needed of all. Thank you.

  12. Avatar

    Hello! as you all know in ITALY AND IN THE WORLD there is a serious pandemic the CORONAVIRUS. We have all been quarantined for some time, we have been using masks and protective gloves. Please leave the house as little as possible to better protect yourself from the virus. I am sure that united we will be able to defeat the coronavirus, always respecting the rules given by our rulers best wishes to you all. Mauro from Italy (Lombardy region)😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

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