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Work it, own it- VivoBook 14/15 | ASUS

Style and power go hand-in-hand, ASUS VivoBook 14/15 is ready-made for a connected, creative lifestyle. Available in a total of several unique and expressive colors, so users can choose one that best reflects their personality and style.

Powered by up to the latest 10th Generation Intel Core i7 processors with up to 16 GB of memory, and up to NVIDIA GeForce MX350 discrete graphics. A large-capacity PCIe® SSD with optional Intel® Optane™ memory H10 provides superfast storage.

For more information about VivoBook 14/15, please visit

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    Yes I Want that Big 15 Inch Screen!!! Feel Satisfied when I'm using the Big Screen Device 😍😍😍

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    Nvidia MX350? Wow, wonder how it'll perform

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    In which month this product will arrive in india, i was about to buy the one with mx250

  4. Avatar

    Does it come with Rizen variant?

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    Please help me..for open server proxy & router..asus zenfone 2..because important..for my android..need system spesific for my smartphone..best regards

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    Is this going to have USB C thunderbolt 3? Coz then I will buy Acer 3 2020 model

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    Let's get ASUS up to 1 million subscribers please

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    Please # ASUS please tell that when it will be launches in india 🙏🙏🙏 ,irs my dream laptop please tell🙏🙏🤤

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    Добрый вечер у меня Asus x53u мне он нравится не теперь он не работает нужна материнская плата не могу найти а денег у меня на новый ноутбук нету помогите пожалуйста мне очень нужна это плата

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    ANSWER to asus not repairing broken laptop

    Ms. G…., with your reply, (You are offered a 2-year warranty period when purchasing your G9N0CV144520385 serial number product. A paid transaction is made for the products with a 2-year warranty. It is normal that there is software or hardware due to the USUAL technological product.) I see that you are making fun of me. You can find the equivalents of what you call usual in the TDK dictionary below. My suggestion to you is that you do not use this word when answering your customers, because it is a word that you actually accept your mistake, and you state that it is normal for ASUS. It may be usual for you but not for me, you may be producing tens of thousands of devices I was able to save and buy money for 3 years, there is no other, I have no chance to buy it again, it was one, it hit the works I did. I can't get a job because I don't have a computer where I can do these things. This device was beginning to fail during the warranty period, why don't you see this part, so

    even though it has become commonplace, branded companies always correct their own mistakes, they do not escape responsibility because the warranty period has expired. A very unfair act done, I WILL NEVER FORGET what ASUS has done to me, and I will never say "Don't buy" on every platform. You hurt me, you would do the same if you want 5090 TL as a repair fee for something you gave. I hope you will somehow experience the same situation.

    1. adjective The opposite of what happens often, naturally, naturally, unusual:

    "Writing our language correctly and speaking correctly is not an unusual national task." – Tarık Buğra

    2. adjective Habitual, normal:

    "There are no people who will not get used to happiness and abundance and will not see them as usual." – Halide Edip Adıvar

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    Mujhe ek baat banata hai appko ki rog phone 2 12gb ram kyu nahi stock mein aa raha hai flipkart kya app phone dena nahi chahte ya koi aur reason hai

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    Mai 3 months se wait kar raha hu rog phone 2 12gb ram keliye but woh stock mein ho nahi aa raha hai..

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    Tum check hi nahi karte ho ki phone stock mein hai ya nahi

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    Flipkart pe bhej diya itna kaafi nahi hota toh check bhi kiya karo phone keliye bhut log wait kar rahe hai but rog phone 2 12gb aa ho nahi raha hai

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    Aur wait karuga toh rog phone 3 launch ho jayega please yaar dekho flipkart mein stock mein hi nahi hai rog phone 2 12gb ram

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    Asus PLEASE don't ruin the Zenfone 7 with camera cutout on the display, we just want same notchless display and same flip camera with better specs. please listen to costumers

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    Asus max pro m3 when will bee release

  18. Avatar

    Stop SCREWING your customers with lazily made products.

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    Hello , I Like Mostly ASUS Designs , they're pretty well thought out most of the time over some other brands ,
    I'm Looking for a 16" 16:10 2560×1600p IPS ( 1440p / 2K ) Touch or not , Ryzen processor with Vega 8 or better , Better camera , good track pad and keyboard , backlight power button not in keyboard 9h battery , 3 usb A, usb c , sd card reader . ( M.2 Drive starting with 256gb/512/960gb options 3gbps drives , HDD 2.5" placment for extra storage ( personally i'd Like to have extra space on my laptop for cheap and not be stuck with only one storage , Make this laptop a Legend it will honestly attract everyone and switch to , No RGB please , Make sure camera is decent enough with good Stereo sounds and easy storage access , repair guide .
    This is basicly for Photo editors & light video editing, light gaming and productivity over all , this could beat the 16" macbook ..

    Any recommendations if this laptop exists?
    & if Asus is taking my idea please let me know ! .

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    Pls reply me I want rog phone 2 in Dubai pls… tell place in Dubai

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