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Woman with white supremacist tattoo gets it covered up as part of path to redemption

Jeremiah Hirsch, a tattoo artist in Virginia covers tattoos associated with racism for free. Andrea Einhaus, who had an iron cross on her back, had it covered up after making new friends.


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  1. Avatar

    I bet she started dating a b.lack man

  2. Avatar

    A lizard crawling out of the crack of your ass? Should of put “COLORED ENTRANCE ONLY” instead.

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    Would have probably been an alright story if you hadn't added the race baiting pastor white knighting like some kind of self-aggrandising fool.

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    When people say 'all lives matter is racist' wtf? Did you play in nuclear waste as a child?

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    Look up the History, and you could have keep it on and EDUCATED the PUBLIC.

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    This story is proof positive that racism is a LEARNED BEHAVIOR. This has been known and studied for YEARS. 😉

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    Iron cross wtf that's not that bad

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    The Holy Spirit just touched you my dear. In CHRIST JESUS, we are all equal. You touched my heart and am tearing now. May our Lord keep and continue to strengthen your efforts to remain in HIS vineyard 💕🙏🏽

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    (BLM protesters confronts woman who won't raise her fist in solidarity)-similar to the Nazis?

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    God Bless You. You choose right path. Join African American's cause.

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    Lol more to do with skate boarding and heavy metal compared to racism….. it was used as the purple heart for nazis… but never been associated with anything American or confederate. Iron cross got nothing to do with North Carolina

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    Love covers a multitude of sins!People keeping hate in their lives are reducing the periods of joy they can have in their lives!

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    The Last Millennials 1994-1999

    I know racism is real but it is a propaganda piece

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    White guilt is a mental illness, much like liberalism.

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    Wonderful transformation and beauty: inside and out. Well- done, Girlfriend.

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    A powerful journey to remove a hate tattoo!! I get it she was brought up that way but dang America this country is so hateful!!

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    Overcoming the bias you were raised in is hard. My husband is white and he was raised in a right wing Christian church it’s taken him years to deprogram the things he was taught about minorities, lbgqt people. I’m so proud of who he is today.

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    BBC will do that for ya…

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    His hat said made ya look black lives matter so great!

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    Racism keeps you out of heaven. Hmm

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    Praise God her heart has been cleansed of hatred. Wishing her the best and I pray she will be a blessing to others and help them cleanse their heart of hate and be acceptable of others.

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    Esa es la Cruz Malta,, big deal!.

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    Elizabeth Campbell

    As a Jamaican of African descent.thisis what's needed to heal the devide…..Awesome that White People are now waking up to the atrocities of the past 400 years…Thank you…

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    😆😆😆 acting like she some neo nazi and her horrible tatt. One she didn't even get removed. It's still there. She couldn't even really answer a straight forward question. Speak for yourself woman. There are good and bad people everywhere. Just because your in the mountains doesn't mean your gonna be raised this way.

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