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Woman at center of airplane recline debate speaks out

Wendi Williams, the woman at the center of the airplane seat recline debate, speaks with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota about the passenger behind her who repeatedly pushed her seat after she reclined it. #CNN #News

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    Perfect nonsense for CNN to report on, more their speed – Condescending Alisyn and a crazy old lady.

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    Watch this woman be punched.. Severly hard in the back… Lol omg. This is a bit excessive… I dont think the man was right, but she should have told the flight attendant. And he should have been kicked off.

  3. Avatar

    It's childish, but good for that man. I'm very anti-recline on airplanes.

  4. Avatar

    God what an ignorant woman . She was never getting punched in the back the man was pushing on her seat. To bad he didn't punch her maybe it would have knocked some sense into her.

  5. Avatar

    If he had been wearing a red hat, she’d have a half million in her gofundme.

  6. Avatar

    Maybe you should just not recline your seat you inconsiderate cow!
    The reason you videoing him didn't change his behavior is because you were in the wrong, he was a total dick about it but it still doesn't excuse you.

  7. Avatar

    What you could have done instead is to tell him to stop. It is hard to imagine that if you insisted, the flight attendants would just ignore you. I think having a video to post on your social media platform was exactly your intention.

  8. Avatar

    Notice how this woman doesn't bring up what a disgusting disgraceful piece of trash she was being on this flight. Other passengers were recording her she was the one causing all of the issues. Multiple people that were on the plane have already been interviewed and said she was the problem

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    That guy needs to be charged with assault and/or provided a wellness check for mental illness.
    Yes, 100% serious.
    That is not how sane people behave in civilized society or in public.

  10. Avatar

    This is the Age of Trump. Manners, decency and morals don't matter.

  11. Avatar

    Why isn’t the speed-bagging, bald ginger receiving any press? Is that AOCs new cuck or some Clinton crony?

  12. Avatar

    She was assaulted …lol she should be institutionalized for saying this , 200% sure she is a Democrat because they love to exaggerate things

  13. Avatar

    Alisuck must be desperate for a news story.

  14. Avatar

    “When he was punching you” man CNN made it sound like this man was physically assaulting her and not just throwing a dumb tantrum, i also love the implication of legal action definitely not an overreaction and insane at all

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    The video is bullshit , BUT the comment section well worth the time .

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    His seat was next to the toilets..Doesn't that mean it's smaller & does not have the ability to recline? If someone is not allowed to recline, the seats should be modified. Seems the attendant knew of these potential issues & decided to make her the problem. I still feel she could have de-escalated the problem by suggesting a mutual solution… Ultimately, the airline has created a problem & should make appropriate changes…

  17. Avatar

    1:28 "throwing punches" 😅😅😅

    Yeah he looks like he's really trying to knock her out with that slight shake of her seat 🤦‍♂️

  18. Avatar

    White women love to exaggerate a situation. He didn't punch you literally but the back of your SEAT!!!!

  19. Avatar

    She obviously defied the flight staff and was noncompliant when they nicely asked her to decline her chair. I mean, reclining is not a priviledge, it is a social contract between 2 people in the context of an airplane flight. This I'd absurd, should've arrested the woman and she should be rotting in solitary for the next 10-15, Jesus American Christ!! How is this even a real news story?!?!?@?@?@?!?!?@?!??@?@ WTF is wrong with entitled people, lock her up lock her up lock her up

  20. Avatar

    "He was throwing punches" What in the fuck? Good lord lol

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    I pay for my seat!
    I oblige with the first request. While he eats his meal…..his words not mine. He finishes his meal.
    I again recline my seat.
    He begins his harassment………I complain to attendant.
    She reacts like that!
    Quite obvious he had enough space to watch his cell phone content. No need to continue this childish elementary schoolyard behavior.
    She was more patient than I probably would have been.
    She needs to do her follow up with the necessary steps and conversation with those whose attention that can resolve this issue.
    He’s just a small child( this is what they do) seeking the attention of adults around him by any means necessary. So sad……really feel sorry for him.
    FYI……on twitter he has been identified……..bet his feed is filling up real quickly!!!

  22. Avatar

    Like who cares what that ignorant heffa has to say

  23. Avatar

    She is being a bitch, she agreed not to recline, than does it. He had no way to recline himself. However biggest problem is greedy airlines, making it tighter and tighter.

  24. Avatar

    Words are funning things – they have meaning. The phrase 'throwing punches' actually means something.

  25. Avatar

    You lying twat all he in a doing is push on the seat . He isn’t punching anything

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