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With SpaceX Poised for Takeoff, Small Rocket Startups Fall Behind | WSJ

SpaceX and NASA are scheduled to launch the first orbital human spaceflight from U.S. soil since the Space Shuttle Program ended in 2011. But as SpaceX dominates the headlines, a large number of small launch startups are poised to fail. Photo: NASA/Tony Gray, Tim Terry & Kevin O’Connell

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  1. Avatar

    Spacex is a surveillance tool for CIA. If you own Tesla, everywhere you travel will recorded by Utah government data center.

  2. Avatar
    Hear It, Live It

    No matter the difficult times, innovation continues. However, it’s quite challenging for smaller startups to keep up, resulting to potential slower new developments, as many innovators will be drawn out of the market!

  3. Avatar
    Black Vito - Moneyology

    Public speaking course professors must Have on their intro course Just throw in, "for the America people" ,

    Some Students probably asked why and, the teacher failed those students immediately

  4. Avatar

    Hollywood con, money 💰 back thieves

  5. Avatar
    Camilo Restrepo Rodríguez

    A Jeff Bezos owned newspaper talking about Elon Musk, wonderful.

  6. Avatar

    I wish RocketLab stay tho
    They are great

  7. Avatar

    WSJ is part of Murdoch companies. Fox promotes division. Musk promotes division and selfishness. A country based on the belief that all are created equal does not need the likes of Murdoch or Musk.

  8. Avatar
    Michael Johnson

    Startups on a booming economy are 90% more likely to fail. WSJ must understand that startup failure equals learning.

  9. Avatar

    Selection of different statistics to switch on?

  10. Avatar
    Aurobindo Ghosh

    nasa can't own them?

  11. Avatar

    Pity those small space rocketry start ups

  12. Avatar

    Although I find it sad to see small companies not being able to compete, but it's kind of expected, it's like how the horse and carriage industry got replaced by trains and trucks. But make no mistake, SpaceX isn't killing them by selling their services beneath operating and construction cost like some companies. Re-usable rockets are just that much more efficient. If one of those companies develops a small re-usable rocket they can be back in the game, easier said then done though.

  13. Avatar

    My new audio visual album premiered today! Check it out!

  14. Avatar
    Patrik Lindholm

    What a juvenile approach. Every company has started small scale and have they shown a sustainable and developable concept they will persevere. If not, whining about succesful and extending companies taking over the market is like regreting over evolution in action.

  15. Avatar

    I really hope Rocket lab, Virgin orbit and firefly aerospace stays 🙂

  16. Avatar

    That moment when you can't tell if WSJ is putting a fear mongering title for clickbait again or actual journalism.

  17. Avatar
    Dissociation Nation

    Like they said in the video

    Theres not enough demand

    So what, the government is supposed to bail out a company that has nothing to offer?

  18. Avatar

    This doesn't sound that bad, honestly. Sorry for the people losing their jobs; I worked at startups off and on during my career, and all of them went under or were acquired. There are a lot fewer home runs than there are duds. But having private companies launching satellites at all is a big step forward.

  19. Avatar

    This is bad reporting. 1. SpaceX was one launch away from bankruptcy. Their first three launches failed to make it to orbit. If their fourth had failed, SpaceX would have closed. 2. Why mention the Falcon Heavy and small satellites? The Falcon Heavy is targeted at heavy payloads and has only flown three times. Falcon Heavy does not compete in the small satellite market.

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