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Wisconsin coronavirus: Cases continue to hit records

The national seven-day rolling average number of new daily cases hit a record high of 74,134, according to analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University. More than 45,000 are hospitalized with COVID-19. Daily deaths remain low compared the counts seen in the spring, but are now creeping toward 1,000 a day, with 994 fatalities recorded yesterday and 985 fatalities reported Tuesday.

Health care facilities are near the point of buckling under the burden of these coronavirus patients. Hospitals beds and ICUs are running out in Wisconsin, Colorado and parts of Tennessee, Illinois and Ohio.

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  1. Avatar

    Keep having ignorance of rallies no mask no social distances it will be all over the US.The President wants this to spread knowing how evil he is by his actions he hopes it blue voters dying an sick from voting. The US is what we used to watch in dictator countries. Now we have an evil sneeky corrupt President destroying the US before our eyes.

  2. Avatar

    Is ANYBODY sick?
    The PCR test is positive with Cola, Bananas and Fresh air. But how many people are actually sick with last years Corona?
    Non C9v1d deaths are being counted as C9v1d to get the numbers up…because hospitals get paid,….. allegedly

  3. Avatar

    WHY NO MASK ON THE SIGN LANGUAGE PERSON???? does the covid not infect people that dont talk?. Lol …this is a CRIME SCENE

  4. Avatar

    and I thought Masks protected people?

  5. Avatar

    By the way, how does 133 views make this a "trendimg" video…in the UK????!!! I smell a rat YouTube

  6. Avatar

    Cases cases cases…. because deaths are too low to mention even with sneaky inflation tactics

  7. Avatar

    Mask mandate from 1 August.

  8. Avatar

    Mmmnnhhh yhhhgfdddgg jjnhgyyj…………….gotta love the incoherent muzzled speech from these clowns

  9. Avatar

    Cases are just positive tests. Meaningless when most aren’t even ill! ‘Stay home, Don’t interact with people you don’t live with’. Pure brainwashing.

  10. Avatar

    As as one professor pointed out it is wrong to refer to them as cases. A case is when you end up in hospital. These are positive tests but being positive you may not be ill.

  11. Avatar

    who owns media, who gets to writ large on this world their views, set their agenda.

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