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WINNING Performances From America’s Got Talent: The Champions! | Got Talent Global

The winner of America’s Got Talent: The Champions is Shin Lim! Check out all of his incredible performances! Did you want him to win? Let us know in the comments

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  1. Avatar

    You are an extraordinary person the same as a person who uses real magic…….. Unbelievable….

  2. Avatar

    I Think he is working with a lot of magnetic cards , But you dont see any fault, so great job.

  3. Avatar

    11'54 se le ve el truco baja las manos hacia abajo y hace algo cuando la chica movía las cartas

  4. Avatar

    หลังไพ่เป็นสีดำ คว่ำลงก็เป็นสีดำเข้ากับที่รองอ่ะข

  5. Avatar

    People think this is magic or tricks. No worries beautiful people you can do this too. This is collapsing timelines and quantum touch. Sorry if it is hard to understand, but physical reality is really fun to bend when you know the LAWS of reality. This is where law of attraction, energies, frequencies comes in action. Much peace, love and light.

  6. Avatar

    This is not a magic…. some evil help him.

  7. Avatar

    Esse vídeo custou 0,87 centavos!

  8. Avatar

    Dont let this guy go to casino

  9. Avatar

    Что за песня играет, What song is playing?

  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    ใครคนไทยมั่ง มารวมกันตรงนี้หน่อย

  12. Avatar

    las vegas/macao signs "shin lim Not allow"

  13. Avatar

    He flirts with the camera so much 😂. The hair thing though just makes me laugh 😆

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