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Will diplomacy ease east Mediterranean dispute? | Inside Story

Turkey’s renewed seismic survey in the Eastern Mediterranean is reigniting tensions with Greece.
Both NATO members claim the right to drill the same areas
Athens considers the redeployment of Turkey’s vessel the Oruc Reis in disputed waters a major escalation.
Ankara insists the operations are within its continental shelf and it’s responding to provocations by Athens.
But President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Greece and Cyrpus have failed to fulfil their ‘promises’.
Another dispute is between Lebanon and Israel.
They’ve started their first round of indirect talks on gas exploration rights
So, can these disputes be contained?

Matthew Bryza, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, Former US Diplomat who worked on the Greece, Cyprus and Turkey issues at the State Department.
James Ker-Lindsay, Visiting Professor, London School of Economic researching Greece-Turkey relations and the Cyprus conflict.
Andreas Theophanous, President of Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs and Former Economic Adviser to the President of Cyprus.

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  1. Avatar

    Nobody in Turkey has right not even Erdogan, to give in or compromise on the right of Turkey in the EastMed. Turkey will refuse and reject any attempt to prison Turkey into the bay of Antalya! Based on islands the size of postal stamps in the EastMed Greek pushing excessive maritime limits for Greece. They will not succeed. Even if the EU applies severe sanctions Turkey will not be deterred.

  2. Avatar

    Turkish Cypriots voted to unite the island for a UN initiative in 2003. The Greek Cypriots voted against. The end of the matter. Varosha should be open to Turkish Cypriots to settle and get on with it.

  3. Avatar

    With the US weakening position in NATO, these disputes will increase the danger of matters escalating out of hand. Worse Russia with provoke matters trying to further weaken NATO.

  4. Avatar

    People are bored.

  5. Avatar

    i bet the americans dont care about this dispute because america has the same problem with china and chinas neighbours in the south china sea conflict and nato is acting if the usa acts

  6. Avatar

    Ottomans coming….

  7. Avatar

    I don't understand why these two neighboring countries are always in conflicts, as person view i see these two leaders of Greece and turkey have MENTAL health AND DISGUSTING LEADERSHIP POLICY

  8. Avatar

    Lol same o same o, the Greeks want want want and want but gives nothing, let's get this right Cyprus belongs to Turkey end of

  9. Avatar

    They need to stop messing around, both Greece and Turkey need to knock it off, just sanction them both if they don't share the resources. Personal issues need to be set aside and I agree Midget Napolean of France isn't helping, they're not even working with the UK, the UK needs to side with Turkey on this one, to balance it, the real problem is Russia and the EU/NATO wake up, they need to stop messing around, you can't really blame Erdogan wasn't there an attempt to overthrow him? Of course, he is mentally suffering from paranoia. They need to see the problem is Russia. Just make peace stop playing around. Just be reasonable.

  10. Avatar

    Continuous geopolitical expansion from Turkey… Invasion of Northern Syria,. northern Cyprus, now seeking Greek maritime waters, military intervention in Lybia, Iraq, and Azerbaijan… Who's next?

  11. Avatar

    Everyone thinks Erdogan is the problem. Erdogan has no other option to protect Turkish people’s rights in land and sea. This is the demand of the people. We are all behind the cause. This is people’s fight not Erdogan.

  12. Avatar

    I think the best solution gave them a war who won will control the dispute area..but eu us and Russia should be neutral otherwise a global war

  13. Avatar

    Why Greece is refusing dialog and Why Greece is supporting Israel? Why Israel did kill women and children?

  14. Avatar

    they have to return some of islands back to turkey

  15. Avatar

    Nova terorist

  16. Avatar

    Erdogan 😛

  17. Avatar

    International law didn't question other countries borders. Kastellorizo is recognized from international law to have that sea territory.
    Turkey fails to recognize sea law as human right law I don't see the point to sympathize with a country that shows no sense of civilty.

  18. Avatar

    ERDOGAN is out for blood,

  19. Avatar

    The lady host lead a great discussion , 
    and prof. James Ker – Lindsey is exquisite. 
    I follow his youtube channel.

  20. Avatar

    Annexing part of Turkey's territory to Greece is wrong,ill-advised and will surely polarize the tension between the two country.
    Its Turkey's water and unquestionably it is.

  21. Avatar

    Greece, France and Russia will slap Turkey down again – ErDOGan is pushing his luck with this. The Turkish exploration ship is within 35 nautical miles of Greek territory – lets see it move within the 12 nautical miles and KABOOM!!!!

  22. Avatar

    The truth is that nobody knows what will happen tomorrow…

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