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Will conservative evangelicals stay loyal to Trump? | Anywhere but Washington

In 2016, white evangelicals made up a quarter of all US voters. And 81% of them voted for Donald Trump. Oliver Laughland and Tom Silverstone head to the pivotal battleground state of North Carolina to see if Trump’s religious base is showing signs of crumbling. They meet extreme evangelical pastors, traveling progressive preachers and the moral movement leader Rev William Barber who give their views on the battleground of abortion, lgbtq rights and the soul of the nation.

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  1. Avatar

    Someone : Is that your bible?
    Trump : It's a bible


  2. Avatar
    Caspian hirmandian

    T R U M P 2 0 2 0 : FOR OUR FUTURE

  3. Avatar

    America is DONE ✅ if President Trump is not re-elected. You better be PRAYING 🙏 FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS RE-ELECTION IN 2020

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    The Entire World 🌍 🌎 admires President Trump 👍👍💪🙏
    America is blessed with president Trump ❤️🙏🇺🇸😇

  6. Avatar

    Man, just shows how crazy America is and always has been.

  7. Avatar

    If trump is re-elected what does this say about the IQ of your average American? I will be shocked if it happens

  8. Avatar

    In every sense of the word! YES WE ARE‼️🇺🇸

  9. Avatar

    It has nothing to do with me being an Evangelical Christian, I'm voting for a president.. Not a religious spiritual leader. I don't have to vote for a guy I like and believes everything I believe in, I'm voting for a guy to lead the country as President.

  10. Avatar
    Winston Smith in Oceania

    The largest terrorist group in the whole world

  11. Avatar

    If they want to go to heaven they won't.

  12. Avatar

    There is a ridiculous number of trump supporting comments on all videos from channels made like a week ago 😂 this seems very legit

  13. Avatar
    The Urban Crystal Healer

    America belongs to the natives!

  14. Avatar

    Trump supporters are unfathomable, even the evangelicals will make up just about anything to explain his 'unfaithful' acts as it were.

  15. Avatar

    I'm an English Christian and I support Trump. I don't support Boris or British rule.

  16. Avatar

    As long as Trump keeps focusing on trivialities these people will stay loyal.

  17. Avatar

    If your truly a religious person there’s no way your voting for anyone on the left. Period.

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    Wow this is crazy to see. I've never seen a religious leader tell people who to vote for wow.

  20. Avatar

    looking forward to the salt coming next week

  21. Avatar

    soyboy guardian

  22. Avatar

    America's Christian Taliban

  23. Avatar

    I agree, this nation is very sick, and it has to be cleansed from this country. I

  24. Avatar

    Ulster Scots at it again

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