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Will Arizona help elect a Democrat to president for the second time since 1952?

The state of Arizona has only voted for a Democratic President once since 1952. But this is the year of the pandemic, and the year of political surprises. (Subscribe:

In 2020, Democrat Joe Biden has enjoyed a steady lead in the opinion polls over Donald Trump. His popularity is largely down to women, Latinos and young voters – even in the suburbs where many are growing weary of the combative politics of President Trump.

So will the Grand Canyon state reverse the trend of decades and help put a Democrat into the White House?

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  1. Avatar

    OK I understand welcome

  2. Avatar

    Biden welcome

  3. Avatar

    Why was that flag blurred out? Wondering what was on it?

  4. Avatar

    This is your daily dose of propaganda

  5. Avatar

    I appreciate the one guy saying he'd take the loss and carry on. If he could just have a word with his buddies that are promising a civil war, that'd be great..

  6. Avatar

    So sad you do not see how wrong they are.

  7. Avatar

    Sad bastards…….pathetic………punch me in the face…take away my health care….it boils down to .he is a nasty vicious racist loser and so am I…..yeeh Haah…4 more fukkin' years.

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    Trump 2020 🇺🇸

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    Clifford your big red God

    I keep hearing all this nonsense about people flipping and states flipping, but it seems as though people are just becoming MORE set in what they believed before and less trusting of what they hear.

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    Looks like their brains have been left in the Wild West era! No evolution happening here. How in Gods name did the education system let these poor people slip through the net? I’d lay a bet they have never stepped out of Tombstone.

  11. Avatar

    1:05 the look from the Oriental lady next to her though!

  12. Avatar

    Biden is a puppet for the deep state

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    Clifford your big red God

    If anybody actually talks to any suburban woman about politics, they would know their views amount to a regurgitation of TV news talking points.

    Effectively our "democracy" is about who can disseminate the most effective corporate propaganda.

    How anyone is fired up about a choice between Trump and Biden is a mystery in a vacuum but the news makes Biden out to be some globalist, communist Trojan horse and Trump is made out to be the most incompetent failure of a leader ever. Both sides ignore the significant overlap between the two.

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    Clifford your big red God

    Democrats try so hard to balkanize every state.

    In South Carolina its the blacks. In Arizona its the Hispanics. In the suburbs its the women.
    Anything to undermine a collective identity and community just for votes.

    Not saying they don't have unique problems, but constantly beating the drum and trying to isolate them as an electorate every 2 years is divisive to say the least. Whether the professionals who suggest these tactics realize it or not.

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    Deplorable in Scotland

    No chance. Trump landslide. Watch this space

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    Sure, Biden is competent, at being bribed. Also competent at making sure the vote for the Iraq war went through no matter what: https://youtu.be/vhcuei8_UJM?t=425

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    Racist Tombstone, never vising that place again.

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    How ignorant channel 4 has become. This is like saying Liverpool and Manchester are full of conspiracy theorists, because the London finance suit wearing divs have no idea about the rest of the country. Couldn't get more biased if you tried channel 4.

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    2 million people in concentration camp in China, hahahahaha, the camp made up by CNN hahaha

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    People don't realise that it wasn't Trump who built cages on the boarder it was Obama nickname "Deporter in cheif" and who was his vp at the time

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    Biden's laptop is similar to Gary Glitter's.

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    The USA really is a very primitive and uncivilised place. Those Trump supporters are embarrassing

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    The Seven Deadly Sins Of Donald Trump

    Trump's confirmation that he will not make vaccines mandatory is incredibly good news for the world. It shows that our analysis of his strategy all along was correct. Here are the major issues on which Trump differs from Western imperialism and Zionism.

    1 Climate change and green agenda. Here he is in conflict with Netanyahu. Climate change is the basis of world government. Reject climate change, and there's no hope of a government –none, no matter how many Zionists and Talmudists and looney hawks you have in your camp. No Paris Accord, no world government.

    2 Unjust foreign wars. He has said repeatedly that he doesn't want any more of them. Although the US war machine still rages in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere, Trump wants out. That is very clear every time he talks about war. This is unprecedented in modern US history.

    3 He supports guns. If you have guns, you can tell the state where to go. The right to bear arms is the basis of freedom. He has restored respect for the American concept of liberty.

    4 He has waged war on child trafickers and his administration has done more than any to highlight this evil.

    5 He has shattered the hegemony of neo-liberal outsourcing of labour, restoring the concept of the dignity of labour and the right to a living wage.

    6 He supports life and Christianity, not the fake Christianity of Bush and others, but genuine Christian values based on the natural family and the sanctity of life.

    7 He has woken up millions of people all around the world to the fact that their lives are ruled and ruined by fake news.
    Gearóid O'Colmain

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    Breaking News Whirlpool: C4N found that there are some women in Az who don't intend to vote for Donald. This is really heady stuff C4N. Keep it up. There must be others elsewhere.

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    The nation of cognitive dissonance strikes again

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    Please Register to vote. Check your registration status. Get your absentee ballot. Fast, free, easy, secure, non partisan”

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