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Will Amy Coney Barrett recuse herself from 2020 election results?

Vermont Sen. Leahy questions Supreme Court nominee on recusal possibilities if disputes develop in the presidential election.

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  1. Avatar

    Off course she will not recuse herself. Democrats reaching for straw.

  2. Avatar
    Annabel Fernandez

    Why should she? Such a stupid question to ask.

  3. Avatar

    Putin hand selected the handmaid for trump

  4. Avatar

    Has anyone heard a democrat ask an intelligent, straight nonloaded question during this hearing, because I haven't and am starting to doubt they're capable???πŸ™„

  5. Avatar

    Democrats should recuse themselves from the fairy land they live in. These people are truly dangerous to America!

  6. Avatar
    Gothic Dragon warrior Queen

    I think Amy is going to make it !πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²β€πŸ‘πŸ™‚

  7. Avatar

    So let me get this straight: If this is the case then should the other two Trump appointees recuse themselves too? News flash Leahy, she ain't Jeff Sessions!

  8. Avatar

    Putin will rescue, US GE2020 election result lmao

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    Why should she

  11. Avatar

    Boy, they sure will drum up anything to avoid admitting that they are in a dictatorship.

  12. Avatar

    No reason for recusal! Meanwhile why didnt that hideous goblin resign under obama and give him the pick!?! And we all know the scotus was the lunatic dems last chance at stealing the election. Nice try assholes but it isnt going to work.

  13. Avatar

    She won't answer it. Repeatedly, she said she will not answer a hypothetical questions.

  14. Avatar

    Like SENILE PELOSI should recuse herself from any voting deals with TRUMP, or Nadler should recuse himself from any fake WHISTLEBLOWERS against TRUMP? Like all DEMS should just RECUSE themselves from ruining our COUNTRY? Yeah. exactly.

  15. Avatar

    So, since the Republican Senate refused to consider Garlands nomination 8 months before the election, ( the voters should choose, is what they said). Then turned around and went to confirm Barrett nomination less than a month before an election , what happens the next time there is a Democrat Senate and the Republican president nominates someone? Can they refuse to consider 8 months before an election? A year? 2 years?

  16. Avatar

    Why would she recuse herself? Who is making up this rules on the fly? 3 appointments in one term. Lol. πŸ˜‚

  17. Avatar

    I have a question: Ms. Barrett, your DS child will need life long care after you and your husband have passed on. what provisions have you made for that eventuality? She points out she made decisions for herself in having a high powered career and a large family and not for others. Did she not make that choice also for her family? Do the American people believe that a Justice can have divided attention? Is your husband a house husband? Are your duties as a mother with 7 children relegated to the elder children? What impact has that had on their lives or was it just your life? Which comes first? Your career or your family? Her husband is a prosecutor in Indiana. I imagine there isn't much time for the children. Who is the nanny?

  18. Avatar

    I hear no haters on and prejudices on her part. The democrats can be assured she will follow the law as a separate issue not just her opinion. That is the best you can get. Just remember she is one of nine justices who would vote , she will not have power to make total ruling on her own.

  19. Avatar

    If this election is so close it comes to the Supreme Court having to decide it we have much bigger issues to deal with in the nation. The only way Joe get even remotely close is through voter fraud.

  20. Avatar

    Have you ever heard of climate not-changing

  21. Avatar
    Gigi Amazing Life

    Why should she recuse herself? It is not illegal to have her confirmed before the election. Dems want to pack the courts but don't want Americans to have the same opportunity to have a ninth judge on the seat.

  22. Avatar

    Why should she? The Democrats are only crying foul because they don't own Judge Barrett and how she would rule over any case. If the roles were reversed and it was a Leftist judge being considered, the issue of recusal would never be a forethought.

  23. Avatar
    Beatriz Biederman

    No! She is a judge applying ing the law. So the Dems ARE planning for results to drag on into a President Pelosi January?! Expect a wreckage ball.

  24. Avatar

    Fixing the vote is the only reason she's there. Bye bye democracy.

  25. Avatar

    Hell no. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘

  26. Avatar

    I respect Barrett ; however, she was selected by a President who has been impeached; and who's integrity is in severe doubt

  27. Avatar

    Has any Supreme Court Justice recused themselves? Only a Disney owned liberal media would ask such a ridiculous question.

  28. Avatar


  29. Avatar

    Which is the real reason Dems don’t want her in place. Harder for them to win by cheating.

  30. Avatar

    No, because Trump will win by a red landslide and we won't need the courts! Trump πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 2❀️0🀍2πŸ’™0

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