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Wildfires Devastate California Wineries: 'It's Like a Bad Dream' | WSJ

More than a dozen wineries in Napa and Sonoma Counties have suffered losses related to recent wildfires in California. WSJ talks to the owner of Castello di Amorosa, whose warehouse of 120,000 bottles of wine was burned to the ground. Photo: Samuel Corum/AFP

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    The wine was just sitting up in the store though.

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    WSJ Thanks for the great coverage.
    Too bad you are owned by FoxNews- Rupert Murdoch who is the biggest spreader of climate change denial and pro Trumpism.
    You work there? -then you are guilty of destroying democracy …. destroying our home.

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    Pelosi's fortune now in peril

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    I just feel so bad for the extremely wealthy Californians.

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    Nothing hurts quite like a self inflicted wound.

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    Dang i didn't know it was this bad

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    Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    The owner should have anticipated possible fire spread and moved the wine…. But… It's an insurance play lol

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    The approval to neglect forest management came from Gavin Newsom. This disaster preventable is a direct result of not cutting down 37% of trees – not due to PG&E. Ironically, it has dramatically added to climate change and will kill millions of Californian by way of poor health.

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    The liberal american west is on fire. The rest of the world is not on fire, but omg, the world is on fire. DerpDuhDer

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    COW's MEAT Tastes Good,

    Good for them

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    California politics suck, traffic sucks, brainwashed people all over, trash on fwys, streets, homelessness, born and raised here regret buying here taxes are way too high here – cant wait to leave to a red state 👈

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    What wrong with a wine with a little smokey taste too it? They been flavoring booze and beer for years.

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    So much good economic news, it's no wonder the stock markets are at all time highs.

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    getting back what we gave to nature

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    "Love not the world neither the things that are in it". 1st John 2:15,17

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    The lag time between the time the wine goes in the barrel and selling it is so long. It's a very long term investment. So if that happens to you, you didn't just lose 1 year of rebuilding time, but like 10-20 years of wine.

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