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Why winter makes the coronavirus pandemic worse

Ever since Coronavirus started, people have been talking about a winter wave. (Subscribe:

This is the idea that viruses have a bigger effect during the cold winter months, than they do in the summer.

We’re not just talking about coronavirus – Other illnesses – like the flu, and even the common cold – seem to be far more widespread during the Winter.

So why do viruses have a bigger impact when it’s cold?

Dr Aldridge is leading the ‘Virus Watch’, run by University College London. Over 33,500 people are taking part in the study, across England and Wales. But they urgently need more people to take part – especially those from a minority ethnic background, so they can examine whether there is a relationship between infection risk, seasonality and ethnicity.

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  1. Avatar

    Indoor holiday parties have always had the effect on the flu virus.

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    and liberals want us to FREEZE the earth! the chinese weapon will just be worse if that was the case!! ridiculos

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    Because, NARRATIVE.
    Making life miserable and subservient.
    Sheeple, muzzles are for muppets.
    It's called social engineering.

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    More properganda, and it's all lie's fake hoaxvid 🐂💩

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    No but you feel much better taking Vitamin D3! Plus K2. You cannot use D3 without K2. Vitamindwiki.com

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    It only gets worse when the Government decide they want it to get worse

  8. Avatar

    This should be titled, "why the media makes the coronavirus pandemic worse"

  9. Avatar

    I don't care

  10. Avatar

    Cold And Hot Waves Get after that a Cold Start Coughing And That's Not Good Don't Go Out side With Out Before Coverage

  11. Avatar

    just like flu virus ??? normal cycle…

  12. Avatar

    The REAL PROBLEM … People nowadays are not encouraged to be strong, they're encouraged to be WEAK, and strong role models have we NONE .. Got a problem: see a counsellor, take a week off, fall to pieces etc etc. Anything but DEAL WITH IT like a 1,000 generations before you had to do. Rewind 350 years to the time of the Bubonic Plague and down the street comes a cart stacked with DEAD BODIES. So how many carts stacked with dead bodies have you seen lately …
    Evident it's all about playing the pantomime of Medical Drama Queens intent on the spotlight and power over your very lives … Trust them not an inch and Government and the Media likewise for they are each taking you for fools by the indoctrination of FEAR into your psyche and thus you become SUBSERVIENT TO FEAR, AND THUS THEIR BIDDING whilst they grow ever more powerful whilst your lives evaporate in front of your eyes.

  13. Avatar

    Vitamin C and D can help due to flues.

  14. Avatar

    Considering we opened up everything without a plan to control pandemic or nothing that works. Second wave then started and now with flu and cold on top we are in for a rocky few months.

  15. Avatar

    Meanwhile in Scotland today.
    50.000+ infected…
    1 death.
    Yes only 1

  16. Avatar

    Only 3 Covid Hoax numpties have commented 🤔 They must be getting the nurse to give them meds at this time 😆

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    The plagues are going to get worse!!!

  18. Avatar

    I wonder if all this bubbles and isolation will help to counteract the effect?

  19. Avatar

    So with that theory supermarkets and shopping centers should have been a absolute death trap especially for the shop workers, what a load of mince

  20. Avatar

    It is good to take about 2000 IU of Vitamin D per day. This goes a long way to protecting against respiratory infections, I have learned.

  21. Avatar

    Dido Harding 2020: Nobody knew the virus would surge in autumn
    Dido Harding 2021: Nobody knew the virus would surge in winter

  22. Avatar
    Coronavirus COVID-19

    April 2020: The Second wave is coming
    June 2020: WHO says second wave has begun
    September 2020: Reopening schools at nearly 30M cases
    October – November 2020: Flu season + COVID-19 surge in the West
    December 2020: Vaccine to be approved in few weeks
    2021: Why the Winter wave is bad
    Spring 2021: Please take a COVID-19 vaccine

    Trust me, this will happen!

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    Virus arrive in Autumn and leave in Spring…been that way for millions of years and will continue to be that way for another few million years…no cure and uncontrollable

  24. Avatar

    "So what you're saying is…." (you see what I did there?) we should all stay outdoors during winter. Maybe the UK could have a national lockout where people are not allowed to go home.

  25. Avatar
    Kolya Mershinskiy


  26. Avatar

    Say no to The Second Lockdown wave . Please try to avoid it okay 😀👍

  27. Avatar

    Wow!… Harry potter really let himself go!

  28. Avatar

    In my country there is problem
    and that problem is the news

  29. Avatar

    Common sense tells you if there was a time to lockdown to save lives, it would be winter time .

  30. Avatar

    No this virus doesnt care about cold or hot . flu common cold die in warm heat sun . . corona does not

  31. Avatar

    "…Sitting in an English
    Garden waiting for the sun
    If the sun don't come
    You get a tan from standing in the English rain…"
    "I Am The Walrus"

  32. Avatar


  33. Avatar

    Because it's a natural cycle for US humans.

  34. Avatar

    The "second wave" is a ripple and its the hysterical MSM that forced this pathetic government to lockdown rather than Sweden herd immunity. Channel4, bbc and all the other "journalists "will never be forgotten nor forgiven by people who value freedom over death.

  35. Avatar

    Your vitamin D data is out of date, basic googling would have lead you to spot this, sloppy work.

  36. Avatar

    That NICE review is outdated now. Also, and negligently in my opinion, tbey never addressed the question of vitamin D leading to less severe disease for which there are many studies showing a correlation now

  37. Avatar

    Avoid going to indoor places where there are other people that you don't live with, or who aren't part of your support bubble.

    – That seems to be a significant way to reduce spread and infection, according to 1:20 onwards of the film.

    So, how hard is it, apart from work and essential activities such as buying food and medicine, to not go to indoor places where there are other people that you don't live with or have a support bubble with?

    Criticism, valid or not, of the government and related organisations on handling of crisis is one thing. But, regardless of how and who is handling the crisis. it needs individuals: you and me – all of us to do what is asked.

    Seems to me that the UK is among countries that are quarrelsome, disagreeable among themselves and with their government when instead they'd do well to try harder to follow the rules.

    Apart from the essentials of work, if you can't work from home and shopping for food, medicines, we'd do well to not do other indoor activities. It's really not fun at all, I'd agree, but the less we try to avoid these situations, the longer this thing will carry on. Do we not realise this by now, after about 8 months of it?

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    Sillyarse Deadeyes


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    After* corona, will we continue to social distance, shut down society and constantly wash our hands in order to protect risk groups from the flu? It obviously kills a lot of people. Im not trying to promote any political opinion. It's just a fairly provoking questing that everyone at least once should think of an answer for.

    * I doubt that will ever be

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    ohhhh……FearPorn at it's best…..

  41. Avatar

    ….back to Big Foot Hunting….

  42. Avatar

    Being outside is not enough to get vitamin D… you need a balanced diet and vitamins to get able to absorb and maintain your vitamin d levels

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