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Why Twitter's Hunter Biden censorship backfired: Kurtz | FOX News Rundown

Fox News Rundown podcast | Oct. 21, 2020
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Republicans are accusing Twitter and Facebook of blocking access to a recent unflattering New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Howie Kurtz, host of Media Buzz on the Fox News Channel and the Media BUZZmeter podcast, discusses Hunter Biden’s email controversy and gives his take on how both Big Tech and some news agencies should be handling the story.

With just two weeks until the presidential election, polling averages continue to show former Vice President Joe Biden leading President Trump, but is there time for Trump to turn it around and win a second term? Daron Shaw, member of the Fox News Decision Desk team and professor at the University of Texas at Austin, discusses what the polls are showing now. Plus, he weighs in on the criticism from the 2016 polls and how polling is different for this election.

Plus, commentary by Kat Timpf, co-host of the “Tyrus and Timpf” podcast.

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  1. Avatar

    Bet dad's pissed be off at his idiot son.

  2. Avatar

    Publish Hunter's email!

  3. Avatar

    The Social Media companies are a threat to our freedoms. They operate like a branch of the CIA trying to overthrow leaders in foreign countries by spreading disinformation or outright censorship of the facts.

  4. Avatar

    Go JUMP. . . twitter and facebook !!

  5. Avatar

    I am merely trying to boost engagement on this video as I believe it being spread will increase awareness.

  6. Avatar

    Trump Chinese bank account needs too be explained. once again the people have been hoodwinked. WINTER'S COMING ☠☠☠🤬🤬🤬☠☠☠☠

  7. Avatar

    No one cares.
    We would literally vote for anyone besides Trump – ANYONE.

  8. Avatar
    The Crawfish Killers

    Tomorrow the sarcastic bitches will be in the hot seat.

  9. Avatar

    The F umbling B umbling I ncompetent investigators are not that INTELLIGENT or are COMPLETELY CORRUPT.

  10. Avatar

    Vote for trump to end social security and Medicare in the summer of 2023. Reagan would be so happy his plan is coming to fruition. Social security and Medicare are socialism right?

  11. Avatar

    Rupert Murdoch must be proud of you guys

  12. Avatar

    Past time for those social media giants to be broken up and regulated. They are attempting to sway local, state and national elections in a partisan manner. They have gone to far and they need to pay the price.

  13. Avatar

    Facebook and Twitter need to adhere to free speech.

  14. Avatar

    Please take the sec 230 away so everyone who has been treated unfairly by Facebook and Twitter can sue them.

  15. Avatar

    Why dont these schmoozers address the fact that Hunters attorney called and emailed the shop, to get the laptop back, that they deny belongs to them … 😐😒🤔

  16. Avatar

    The President has done nothing wring!

  17. Avatar

    God bless you Fox newscasters. There’s not many news we can trust now a days. Take care. Thank you for your love of truth! 🙏👍🙌❤️

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    Russia and China LOVE our FBI.
    It saves them the trouble of infiltrating and destroying America.

  20. Avatar

    It's all a Russian disinformation campaign via Rudy Giuliani under orders of Donald J. Trump The liar in chief, who is the most dangerous person to the safety and security of the United States!

  21. Avatar

    I don’t care if it said his dad was the true Kennedy assassin ….nothing would be done about it !!….one thing I’ve learned over the years….
    The democrats are untouchable

  22. Avatar

    These online media grubs FB twitter etc are total hypocrites, they will allow the posting of any information as long there is money in it for them!!

  23. Avatar
    Daniel Bull Runner Lamb

    I hate politicians!!!!

  24. Avatar

    Trump 2020. When I have substitute to Google and YouTube I go bye bye.

  25. Avatar

    “If you are not stupid, you ain’t democrat” joe Biden.

  26. Avatar

    Good morning Hunter, how are you? What did you do, you druggie? leave your laptop in a repair shop? you endanger our cashflow you dummy!!
    Hi, Dad, I am sorry but I forgot Dad, but don't worry we keep it quiet.
    Oke Hunter, you do that, make sure our cashflow must not be stopped.
    Oke dad I make sure of that.
    Good morning mister Vice President, can you tell me did you have any contact with Hunter?
    No, No, I have not talked to Hunter for a long time, I don't recall any conversation with him recently!

    MMMMMMMMM this is what I mean so father, so son!!!

  27. Avatar

    ARREST HUNTER – JOE. Anybody else would have been arrested by now.

  28. Avatar

    DOJ and FBI said no Russian interference in laptop

  29. Avatar

    Fox News Sucks

  30. Avatar

    Fake news reporting on fake news.

  31. Avatar

    These stats are based on if your opponent runs a fair and honest race
    and the democrats have cheating built into their process…they just manipulate
    the numbers and votes in a particular area when they see the actual voting…

    until 2016…

  32. Avatar

    this is just a taste of the corruption that infest the democrat party now… america vote AGAINST the comunists!

  33. Avatar

    Vote early in person if you can. Don't risk long lines or bad weather stopping you on Nov 3rd.

  34. Avatar

    what is the date of the EMAILS from the folks in Ukraine asking for the meeting and then the date when Biden made the statement about having the prosecctor fire…>Schiff would know when a smear is being used…wouldnt he….

  35. Avatar

    How in the world do you say the HRC dossier and the Mueller witch hunt was fair or balanced.

  36. Avatar

    twitter has too many folks with pink hair making decisions…

  37. Avatar

    And gave it to the FBI Months ago

  38. Avatar

    I voted early….I love early voting. there is no excuse unless you are dead and I hear that a lot of dead people vote…..See no excuses!.

  39. Avatar

    People with purple hair GOT tricked on this one and ACTUALLY make the story WAY BIGGER! Thanks twitter!!!!

  40. Avatar

    having censors tell us what about these groups?

  41. Avatar

    Your voice matters, be heard.

  42. Avatar

    Implying that they’re trying to fact check blah blah blah they are left wing radicals end of story

  43. Avatar
    The Best Words Game

    Big lols at The Kremlin right now. The intern that pitched "Hunter accidentally leaves his laptop in a repair shop" just got a promotion.

  44. Avatar

    We need to arrest the Biden’s family

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