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Why the U.S. Is Vulnerable to an Iranian Cyberattack | WSJ

U.S. tensions with Iran have escalated after the assassination of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, and experts are worried about retaliatory cyberattacks. Cybersecurity expert John Hultquist and WSJ’s Dustin Volz discuss what new tactics hackers have at their disposal and whether the U.S. is prepared to defend itself. Photo illustration: Alexandra Cardinale.

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  1. Avatar

    And you seriously believe that the socialist-communist Bernie Sanders is going to protect us from things like this?

  2. Avatar

    Stealing of elections in United States is often carried out by political players in the US then blamed on foreigners

  3. Avatar

    The U.S. government is anti encryption for companies like Apple, so we deserve to get hacked due to our own negligence.

  4. Avatar

    If Iran lacked Military might as alleged by WSJ it would under occupation by United States as we speak

  5. Avatar

    LOL… OF course is Hi tech and Finance. What else people wants besides money and know how? don't need a graph to know. Can't hack your food right cause food isimportant.. ;o)

  6. Avatar

    When the US is involved in Cyber attack it is often praised as an effective and somewhat legitimate way of attacking other countries while when other countries does it against the US it is portrayed as an act of terrorism

  7. Avatar

    What is does Tomahawk missile share in common with roadside bomb planted by Jihadists…..They both contain explosives and they both kill people

  8. Avatar

    OK, but the USA can just do the same thing to Iran, and probably more effectively. Doesn't seem like the best strategy.

  9. Avatar

    um STUXNET?? you reap what you sew, hypocrites

  10. Avatar

    Anyone wanting to learn more about this should definitely check out the documentary Zero Days 📺. While strengthening our defenses (both in government and corporate spheres) against these kinds of attacks is never a bad idea, this video seems to leave out the fact that in the US we are very much so engaging offensively on the cyber warfare front.

  11. Avatar

    can you defend anyone from microsoft, google, amazon and those "social" networks?

  12. Avatar

    Looking at world situation the human greed will lead to extinction of life soon from earth

  13. Avatar

    Fearmongering to convince Americans that Iran is a threat enough to give Trump a pass to start a war.

  14. Avatar

    I thought that US owns the Internet! I wonder why we can't control it? 🙂

  15. Avatar

    The whole time they were talking about stuxnet I was like, 'Merica!!'.

  16. Avatar

    As an American, I am much more scared of the US and Israel than Iran. The US is the bully of the world. Double standards allowing Iran not to have nuclear weapons, but yet Israel has many heads and constantly fighting it's neighbors.

  17. Avatar

    15 февраля 2020 приближается метеорит?Правда и ложь?

  18. Avatar

    Make a video next on why America's government thinks its okay to take out a general of a nation with an airstrike, also why it's okay to over throw a democratic government to install a puppet government who aligns more with our interest.

  19. Avatar

    If we all have cyber trucks the attack can’t hurt us.

  20. Avatar

    Anyone else notice how its the liberals who are the war mongers these days ? Quit trying to sell us on proxy wars with Russia you scum bags

  21. Avatar

    We are vulnerable to a cyberattack from…Monaco and the Vatican also. In other words, any nation. None of our infrastructure should be on the INTERNET, but on a CLOSED network as it is IMPOSSIBLE to be 100% secure on the internet.

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