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Why the NBA Is Facing a Difficult Choice in China | WSJ

Backlash against the NBA sparked by a tweet in support of Hong Kong protesters shows how tricky it is to do business in China—and the difficult line companies must tread.

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  1. Avatar

    is money more valuable than freedom?

  2. Avatar

    Who needs chinese viewers while you have world wide viewers free from political pressure from their governments?

  3. Avatar

    People these days have a BIG problem with KEEPING THEIR MOUTHS SHUT everything has to be about "raising awareness" BULL** it's about drawing attention to yourself & capitalizing from it

  4. Avatar

    Maybe a lot of people have forgotten China is still a communist country.

  5. Avatar

    I hope the media can tell the truth about Hongkong now! Firstly, the women' eye was not shot by police! Secondly, many people were attack by extreme protesters! The protesters block the road, attack banks, stores, ATMs. It's not protest! It's terrorism!

  6. Avatar

    Hey everyone that wants to complain about bending over to china etc. the bed is already made, it was made when these companies decided to outsource jobs to China. So now everyone has to suck it up & put their pride to the side. every decision has consequences, this is the consequence for outsourcing to china. now you can't live without China. it's a simple story

  7. Avatar

    Are using loaded terms such as “kowtow” really appropriate for fair reporting lol

  8. Avatar

    So "freedom of speech" right? Then Mr. Silver should give Donald Sterling his team back. Also give Mark Stevens his 1/2 million dollars and season tickets back…… They just merely exercise their "freedom of speech" right by saying what they said……… If racism is such a sensitive subject in America…… well… learn this…. The unity of CHINA territories also is quite a big thing in China.

  9. Avatar

    Well I guess we won’t have the rockets blowout a Chinese basketball team by 64 points again 😔

  10. Avatar

    If the protesters are like this showed in video in0:16, then everything is cool. Plz search the real footages that how the protesters vandalized the Hong Kong. Set bank on fire. Attack the police , destroy the subway. Those are not freedom fighters

  11. Avatar

    Freedom of speech is right- but do accept the consequences when you comment on something you dont know. Like racist , anti lgbt comments, do speak up if you want but get ready for the consequences.
    Can USA never learn to leave what they dont know alone and mind their own business? If you dont live there, your comment has no value

  12. Avatar

    The West is now like a prostitute, always changing the position for extra bucks!

  13. Avatar

    the dumbest tweet in human history

  14. Avatar

    funny all these politicians and freedom fighters never bothered to protect Colin Kaepernick's freedom of speech.. hypocrites…

  15. Avatar

    The choice is simple are you evil or not, do you favor democracy or autocracy.

  16. Avatar

    2:35 is it a fact or a distortion of fact when WSJ reports "women was shot in the eye by police" ?
    Because as far as I know, the girl was shot by the riot protestor and she was paid to hide the truth. (Hong Kong has freedom of speech for sure)

    Those whom unaware of the truth and had few knowledge of others' history shouldn't point finger and tell others' what is right.

  17. Avatar

    If the NBA keeps doesn't stand up to china or stay with Hong Kong, I think the U.S. government should no longer support the NBA. They should let them drop and move to china, that's sad for them to sell their soul.

  18. Avatar

    why the Donald T. Sterling was banned from NBA? Freedom of Speech !!

  19. Avatar

    Americans should stop preaching others and try to clean their own mess. It's high time that Americans realise that it's not the 20th century anymore and power has now shifted. As far as NBA is concerned, sports activities should remain isolated from politics & that's good for all.

  20. Avatar

    Everyone in the world should think how China feels before saying anything.
    That's what they want. They want control.
    Morey wrote the tweet and deleted it quickly. And twitter is supposed to be banned in China.

  21. Avatar

    What the Chinese have been doing is basically stabbing themselves and say “you see I’m brave! Now apologise!”

    Honestly anyone with a slight sense of humour would keep poking fun at them. Just like what South Park did. Can’t wait for premier league football stars etc to follow. And then they can enjoy their domestic elite football league. Oh wait.

  22. Avatar

    Daryl Morey means "fight for 911" in USA.btw, the girl was shot by the protesters instead of the police weapon(proved by hongkong medical department)

  23. Avatar

    Simple stuff really. Keep ur opinion to yourself… Duh

  24. Avatar

    The problem is American people don’t see the violence and anti-mainland sentiment in HK and think it’s for human rights and democracy. Thanks to the American media who refuse to show any video of their violence behavior

  25. Avatar

    that all because a moron like Morey have to say it on his tweet

  26. Avatar

    Basically, if doing business in China as a foreigner or foreign entity, know and understand what you're getting into from the start – then there will be no surprises like this

  27. Avatar

    I love NBA and really respect that Morey has the right to speak freely.
    But as chinese, when I heard someone without a basic understand of chinese history and support what I believe is totally wrong . I just feel offenced and I also have the right to declaim and choose not like Morey.
    A fire on the city gate brings disaster to the fish in the moat.

  28. Avatar

    Bcz they are chinese. And I don't want Westerners to treat me like Chinese. Koreans(of course south) and Chinese are 1,000% different.

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