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Why the Health-Care Sector May Not Rebound to Its Former Size | WSJ

Health care has taken a big hit from the coronavirus pandemic, losing more than 1.4 million jobs in April. Despite being resilient to prior recessions, experts expect the sector to structurally change, and that we should not expect a robust recovery. Photo: Getty Images

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  1. Avatar

    Most people won’t have health insurance anyway. Good luck everyone.

  2. Avatar
    Mychael Brennan

    This whole fiasco is a manufactured crisis.

  3. Avatar

    Americans over pay so much, and still have to pay out of pocket

  4. Avatar
    Vagabond Wastrel

    Hopefully this means they will have to actually compete for customers.

  5. Avatar

    this is because american healthcare is run like a business where profit is king

  6. Avatar

    Rupert Murdoch pushing for the destruction of democracy.

  7. Avatar
    The Supreme Archailect

    Healthcare is a human right. We need to Nationalize the entire healthcare system. Medicare for All! Now!! 🔥🔥🔥✊✊✊

  8. Avatar

    If the healthcare industry goes under we will better for it. Its an industry full of scammers, swindlers and thieves. Healthcare should be for all not just the wealthy. Maybe the govt will finally step up to the plate and provide coverage for all like we should have been doing 50 years ago.

  9. Avatar

    Trump is trying to force hospitals to reveal the hidden prices patients are charged that drive up costs. Hospitals, insurance companies, lobbyists and investor groups oppose the revealing of their prices held in each hospitals charge description master (CDM) that is detail listing of all items and services that can be billed. Democrats are opposing it.

  10. Avatar
    Michael McBride

    Let's hope health-care cost efficiency improves after this health-care fiasco.

  11. Avatar

    This show the stupidity of the lockdown, intended to “flatten the curve”.
    There are some serious diseases out there, that are ignored because of the Wuhan virus craze, that in the end proved to be really dangerous only through the panic that was unleashed sand through the huge economic damage that will lead to vastly more lives lost than from the virus itself.

  12. Avatar

    Considering all the tiktok dance videos from bored nurses "sacrificing" everything on the "front-line", maybe it's not a bad thing.

  13. Avatar
    Mistress of Big Balls- TAP ON MY PHOTO

    💗 🖤 💘

  14. Avatar
    Muhammad Amjad Shergill

    Sagacious, insightful, and bona fide facts. Healthcare sector is also information asymmetries already. Therefore, major changes will cause significant paradigm shifts intrinsically. This time is really different.

  15. Avatar

    This can all be fixed with universal healthcare.

  16. Avatar
    Zendra Gallhauser

    Republicans answer to universal health care: how are we going to pay for that?
    But the numbers show we already pay more than most countries with universal healthcare!

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