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Why The Coronavirus May Forever Change Grocery Shopping | WSJ

Will the coronavirus pandemic lead to long-term changes in how we shop for food? To better understand the challenges facing grocery stores, WSJ’s Alexander Hotz spoke with an industry insider, a store owner and a Walmart executive.

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    Gymnastics Superstar


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    It's all the people from Florida, Texas, Arizonas fault. If they weren't so stubborn, theyd stay inside and or wear masks…instead they wanted to go out and party.

    Now Covid is gonna be around for months and its gonna ruin the rest of the year when it could've gone away by now if only people followed instructions 😡😡😡

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    Our issue with Kroger and Walmart is they use triple the plastic bags and their packing is horrid. Looking for a system where we can swap out containers each week.. we bring back the empties and they load up the car with the blue containers they used to pack in the store.

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    I hope a lasting change is that people buy fewer things made in China – they screwed the world over, lied about & then tried to cover it up

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    New COVID-19 infections appear in many places in Spain due to the lack of discipline of the spanish people

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    World Health Organization and European Union have alerted the Spanish government to the severity of the virus since January. The first measures in Spain to contain the epidemic did not arrive until March 12. Now Spain wants a huge amount of money from the European Union. Should the European Union be serious about helping Spain in the same way that the Spanish government "obeyed" the warnings of international organizations?

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    Interesting WSJ. Thanks.

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    Curtis Carpenter

    A drive thru supermarket there is a idea or delivery only. No queuing, no risk.

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    The only normal business has been grocers. No change at all. I am amazed.

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    Social engineering. It's all intentional.

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    Great video.

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    Why we don't have Walmart???

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    I would get out of the house for an ambiance/experience, not for walmart ( a whole different ambiance) 😀

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    I can follow every single one of these. 6 feet distance's face masks, gloves. Shopping ordering online. I can even stay home and work for however long..

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    I just don't want to live with my family I want to be on my own. I'm telling you. I wish you. Could see my dad through my eyes growing up.

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    Why is it saying “may change” when its happening already?

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    I think online shopping is here to stay, working from home too, online dating too and later homeschooling

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    Isn't that type of mask not recommended due it protecting only the wearer?

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