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Why Tesla Competitor Nikola Saw Its Stock Fizzle Out | WSJ

Nikola was the buzz of Wall Street, trying to cut a path in electric trucking. Now, federal prosecutors are investigating claims that it misled investors. WSJ explains Nikola’s roller-coaster summer and what’s next for the company. Photo Graphic: WSJ

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  1. Avatar

    I hope his cat is alright…

  2. Avatar

    Either GM & Nikola move forward, together, or they both fall behind while Toyota, Mercedes, Hyundai, & other players like Hyzon are moving forward to bring their FCEV semis & busses out. Nikola the one with the fcev pickup & green fueling stations additionally on their docket, where long hauling & other interests (including fueling other brands) are part of an agenda. All other topics, intending to derail a clean energy & mobility company with all it intends to produce (including with green hydrogen) are dispicable & vile.

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    Casimiro Tambunting


  4. Avatar

    Oct 23, 2020 ?? 6:20 How can the report surface if today is Oct 15, 2020???

  5. Avatar

    why this photoshop startup still worth billions?

  6. Avatar

    OK … 4:48 … I can't ignore that cat 😂

  7. Avatar

    Fake company. Theranos 2.0

  8. Avatar

    I wanna see the cat

  9. Avatar

    @ 6:22 you misdated the article… its only 10/15/20 but it shows 10/23/20…

  10. Avatar
    Financial Shinanigan

    0:00 This is Nikola One designed to run on gravity…fixed it for you

  11. Avatar

    nikola should have started with small cars than from trucks

  12. Avatar
    Financial Shinanigan

    Whenever a company is called a Wall Street Darling, beware.

  13. Avatar

    The WSJ a little late to the party lol

  14. Avatar

    6:24 October 23rd? That date hasn’t happened yet.

  15. Avatar

    The fraud company still has a bizarre valuation 8.7 billion as for now. JP Morgan is still giving Nikola a buy rating. Good job, JP Morgan

  16. Avatar

    Another great video. 👍

  17. Avatar

    This is way worst that the luckin coffee debacle

  18. Avatar

    Trump 90% lead against Biden in polls….Lol

  19. Avatar

    What is a Nikola? A Tesla that got caught.

  20. Avatar

    Never even heard of Nikola. :/

  21. Avatar

    NKLA Oct 30 Put $22. No investment advice but let's be real here, that's a money grab

  22. Avatar

    NIO is next. Think Luckin Coffee here.

  23. Avatar

    It's misleading that WSJ calls Nikola a "Tesla competitor"; Tesla sells electric cars and Nikola does not.

  24. Avatar

    When you have to be sold on an idea vs when the idea sells you.

  25. Avatar

    If you've ever done an experiment with hydrogen, you could tell from a mile away this is a sham.

  26. Avatar

    My conscience would be clear with $3Billion in the bank

  27. Avatar

    People are still calling it a Tesla competitor.

  28. Avatar

    The future of the USA is all downhill, so a Nikola truck is perfect for you.

  29. Avatar

    The CEO looks like the bad corporate guy from the movies

  30. Avatar

    How is Nikola worth anything when it sells nothing ?

  31. Avatar

    "Tesla Competitor" hahahaha

  32. Avatar

    Nikola was never a competitor. It was a scam from the start.

  33. Avatar

    I was thinking they would mention the allegations of sexual assault.

  34. Avatar

    I think this also shows that GM CEO does not know what she is doing.

  35. Avatar

    It should have been obvious that a company that decided to call itself Nikola, given that there is already a company called Tesla, was probably not going to pass the smell test…

  36. Avatar

    Not a competitor

  37. Avatar

    because they're a scam

  38. Avatar

    lol as if any1 asked

  39. Avatar

    calling it a tesla competitor is again a big lie. im not even clicking play. dumb

  40. Avatar
    Сохибжамол Солиева

    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  41. Avatar

    There's literally dozens of accusations against Nikola. Even the most simple claim by Milton was proven wrong. Saying his headquarters ran on solar panels for example which wasn't true and he even admitted indirectly. It's no wonder this company is rapidly going down. Even simple claims r lies, ofc their bigger claims will be lies.

  42. Avatar

    They don't have a working engine, how do people expect this company to develop an engine owned only by the military in a period of months and then develop a working truck around it, yes its the future, but if you don't have the engineering its just a dream of the future.

  43. Avatar

    Another guy just living the fake it till you make it dream.

  44. Avatar

    NKLA is not a TSLA competitor. NKLA is a TSLA troll. I mean why would you name the company Nikola…
    They even sue TLSA for no reason other than publicity. everybody knows what they are doing
    Instead please pay attention to HYLN / Hyliion. This is the real deal for the trucking industry.

  45. Avatar

    Total fail as a sumation of the Nikola story. Failed to mention half of the alleged malfeasance of Nikola such as announcements of 'breakthrough' batteries that were used to ensnare even more investments. Failed to disclose that many of the analysts that are expressing faith in Nikola are employed by large financial firms that have huge investments tied up in Nikola till late December when the lockup period from the 'reverse merger' used to take Nikola public, expire.

  46. Avatar

    The people who allowed a company with no product to list was the first criminal…how?

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