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Why No One Should Dim a Phone Screen

Even though cell phones have dramatically changed since the 90s, loads of myths surrounding them are still the same! The more megapixels the phone’s camera has, the better images you get; the dimmer the screen is, the better it’s for your eyes; overnight charging harms the battery.

Some people even believe that a phone can cook an egg. This myth became popular after a viral Internet article – lots of people believed that radio waves a cell phone emits were so powerful that you could boil an egg by placing it between two devices. In short, smartphone myths are numerous and persistent. So let’s pop some of these dubious bubbles, shall we?

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Cell phones can start a fire at a gas station 0:37
Charging a smartphone overnight damages the device 1:23
If you’ve dropped your smartphone in water, put it in rice 1:44
Your phone can cook an egg 2:38
smartphone can demagnetize your credit cards 3:11
Magnets can delete data from your smartphone 3:32
Let your phone’s battery drain completely before recharging 4:19
The more megapixels your camera has, the better photos you’ll get 5:00
4G uses more data than 3G 5:28
The dimmer the screen is, the better 5:54
Better specifications mean better performance 6:29
Smartphones emit harmful radiation 6:49
If you make a call while your phone is charging, it may catch fire 7:13
The larger your phone’s battery capacity is, the longer it will serve 7:47
Close background apps to boost your phone’s performance 8:15
Using incognito mode will protect your privacy 8:45

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– Why cell phones are banned at gas stations is probably because they can and do distract drivers from the task at hand.
– If a decade ago overcharging could indeed damage the battery, you don’t need to worry about such an outcome these days.
– Rice doesn’t soak up just any liquid that happens to be nearby. To absorb water, rice grains have to be in direct contact with it.
– The amount of radiation a cell phone emits is so small that you would need 7,000 smartphones to boil an egg – and even this number is very approximate since nobody has checked it yet.
– Your gadget does have a magnetic field, but it’s so weak that it won’t affect your bank cards in any way.
– Some experts recommend draining your phone’s battery completely only if your device quits working at 20% charge. Then emptying the battery might help you recalibrate its level sensor.
– Most people are sure that the number of megapixels is the best indicator of how good your pictures are gonna be. What they don’t know is that not the number of megapixels but their quality plays the main role here.
– Since the 4G connection is faster, most people believe that it uses more data. But whatever connection you use, 5 MB of data is still 5 MB of data.
– If your screen brightness is higher than 50%, though, you should keep it down a bit. An over-bright screen can cause lots of short-term eye issues, from irritation to dry eyes and strain.
– The EM radiation frequency your smartphone emits is completely safe for you.
– There have been several cases when devices started burning, but it happened because of low-quality batteries, suspicious second-hand chargers, and dubious charging methods.
– The battery life mostly depends on how much power your device consumes.
– By closing background applications, you waste more battery because your phone has to spend more resources on opening an app than on re-launching it.
– The private mode does prevent your browser from storing your cookies, passwords, and other information. But it doesn’t equal an encrypted connection, and other people, for example, Internet service providers, can see your browsing history.

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    Guys, do you use incognito mode on your phone?

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    Ive been dimming my phone for almost 2 years yet i never experienced any eye strain, tired eyes or headaches.

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    “Smart Phone Susi” I will not have ever.

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    JensonKwa Dá Great Of Nothing Aw Seriously

    "Smartphones will go on fire if you charge it overnight"

    Me at the past: *Accidently overcharges my TABLET for a few days*

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    What about IPads?

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    People say you don't breathe when you smile

    Just kidding I just wanted you to smile🙂

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    They literally made a video telling u to not put ur phone in ur pocket coz it emits bad waves make ur mind up

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    lol with the girl screaming

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    I dont get it….. so you want our eyes to mess up at night ? Lol

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    Shahram Sabri 6C Hedelyskolen

    Ive had this phone in 2 years😎

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    2:36 will give me nightmares (what a scary laugh)
    I was watching at 1-28AM

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    Bright side: Don't dim your screen
    Bright side (in another video): Dim your screen for less battery draining

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    when ur hotel card gets deactivated , oh i’m locked out of my room,

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    Caitlin Hammond

    6:25 … This is scaring me alot

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    Who else thought that we shouldnt dim our light bcz a monster could occur😱

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    4:17 thats me!! 😎🤫

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    Phone sushi idea: unbreakable phone: ingredients: [1/8 lbs of sticky rice] [Nokia(s)] and there you have it the unbreakable sushi!!!

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    5* is partially true because some hotel key cards get wiped clean and stop working if you keep them them near your phone, (this has happened to me on a few occasions now)

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    You can buy a new phone but you can't buy a new eyes so keep it low

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    Sharp Mind - Fun Games

    No one
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    Me:watching this video with the lowest brightness possible

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    My sisster always keep using the phone in night

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    If two smartphones were enough to boil an egg, I would think we would have more reports of people developing brain problems, literally frying their brains, or flat out dying from the radiation.

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    I would also recommend people restart their phones at least once per month. They are basically computers after all, and is probably something worth doing. It takes only a few minutes and can help with some issues. And I would actaully turn your phone off, wait a few seconds and turn it back on.

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    "if its above 50, you should keep it down a bit"
    Title: Why no one should dim a phone screen

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    Smart Kitty Parkour!

    The reason why you shouldn't dim your phone screen is..

    because bright side doesn't want to change its name to dim side

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    most of the thngs in the beginning u said

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