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Why mooncakes are a little slice of history

Mooncakes are traditional desserts that are synonymous with the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated in many Asian cultures — and mark the end of the harvest season.

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  1. Avatar

    happy mid-autumn festival to all Chinese people !

  2. Avatar

    Not a big fan but they are pretty healthy compared to most pastries.

  3. Avatar

    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

  4. Avatar

    Eating moon cake right now. Funny, my husband who is not Chinese was just asking me why it is called the moon cake.

  5. Avatar

    Chinada, no thx!!

  6. Avatar

    Well at least it's food this time but I will not eat it period! If it's made in China as the food there stinks and are incredibly toxic. I rather home-made.

  7. Avatar

    They have kind of special taste which is pretty delicious .

  8. Avatar

    They look and sound delicious.
    Think I will look to try them.

  9. Avatar
    Freedom Loving Loyalist

    Why are people disliking? They look so good.

  10. Avatar
    Freedom Loving Loyalist

    For some reason I like Asians.

  11. Avatar

    Let's hope that there are no bats in these moon cakes.

  12. Avatar

    Rebelnews and lifesitenews for real Canadian news

  13. Avatar

    We are not interested in China

  14. Avatar

    Ship them to Nebraska, love to try them…. Thanks

  15. Avatar

    They look amazing. I want to try one.

  16. Avatar

    They look nasty.

  17. Avatar
    I Prefer Sarcasm

    They are the grossest cake I've ever tried. Urgh, this effin' video is making me nauseous.

  18. Avatar

    Your Mooncakes have made it out of the Chinese culture and into our hearts!! Keep up the great work Maxim Bakery's!!

  19. Avatar

    Hi my name is ESAD I’m half Chinese half Iranian and i LOVE MOON cakes i especially love the ones with the egg yolk i nether center

  20. Avatar

    I checked the nutritional facts and these things have more sugar than a can of pop. Hard pass.

  21. Avatar
    Mayonnaise Cracker

    its nasty

  22. Avatar

    They look super tasty, but I disliked eating these growing up. I can understand what Maxim means when he says they taste of childhood though, the flavors really do grow on you.

  23. Avatar

    Looking forward to eat once a year , moon cake I love to eat 👍👍

  24. Avatar

    Looks delicious and taste better!🤤

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