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Why Many Rural Americans Still Don’t Have Reliable Internet | WSJ

As many schools around the country start the year virtually, residents in rural communities like those in West Virginia are asking why they don’t have reliable Internet service. The recent bankruptcy of Frontier Communications provides insight into how U.S. broadband policies have fallen short for many Americans. Photo Illustration: Carlos Waters/ Video: Jake Nicol/​WSJ

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    Facebook FreeBasics was best

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    Musk SpaceX has a solution for this problem called Starlink. Will cover all of US apart from Alaska by next year. Problem solved.

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    Sorry for the ignorance but wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to set up something akin to a WISP in rural areas. Create a fibre backbone and a few high sites for an area and then have customers connect to the high site. The latency would be better than satellite and so would the costs.

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    I’m lucky to be in frontier’s fiber connections and being really close to one of their centers as it’s very reliable

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    We would be psyched if you checked out our opinion article “The Harmful Long-Term Effects of Covid-19 & Why They Matter“ written by a high schooler. (We also have many other opinion articles written by high schoolers from across the U.S.) https://www.the-angle.org/post/the-harmful-long-term-effects-of-covid-19-why-they-matter

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    West Virginia represent! Can attest it’s like this instate.

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    Fernando García Álvarez

    In Spain we have a Government program to subsidize deployment of fiber in rural areas. Telefónica, the incumbent operator, invested heavily on fiber (FTTH) and now is using this program to reach rural areas (they are closing all copper switchboards and replacing them with fiber), along with other operators, of course. Orange is another operator that's relying heavily on this program. Also, in the region of Asturias there is a regional public entity which deploys a neutral network when there isn't interest by private operators (currently up to 100 Mbps). Speaking of Telefónica, with this program they are reaching even the smallest villages with 600 Mbps symmetrical (and soon 1 Gbps symmetrical). We had years of very poor internet service, but the situation improved drastically over the past few years. Also, to help reduce prices, when Telefónica is the only operator, it is forced to allow other operators to rent their network to offer services

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    If we and the USA found a telecommunications unicorn could this because perceived opportunity?

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    What about T-mobile 5G on 600mhz? They could have just simply subscribed instead of making such a long video.

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    I'm glad I am in the city. A fiber optic node is about 200 feet from me and I have fiber right into my home. I love watching 4k videos on my smart TV. Lately I've been bingewatching The Rockford Files free on peacock. I'm up to the 5th season now.

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    that is why you need huawei!

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    Do you wanna know something? The UN states that access to internet is a human basic right. Funny how America can't provide its rural citizens internet. Also, apparently, in some places in US, internet is costly (I believe there is a recent video of a family of 4 or 5 who can't get internet cause it cost like $100 per month, and they live in LA). Anyways, internet should be a public utility.

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    Elon Musk's Starlink will provide fast speed internet to all corners of the world!!!

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    Here's an idea: Move somewhere where there's internet

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    Republicans don’t have internet because they believe that technological advances are the work of the “deep state” and designed to give minorities equal rights. So they don’t have it.

  16. Avatar

    Small corporate fiefdoms and the lobbying of our current administration will probably prevent this from happening but I would love to a commitment from the FCC to expand the telecommunications act to include fiber connections to all households to provide a better internet backbone

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    I live in the British Countryside and my internet speed is just as fast as if I lived in London.

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    It’s time for the hill billies to migrate to cities.

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    Why is no one talking about those shoes 👟 on a power line @0:23

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    Hopefully Starlink will be able to fix this issue soon.

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    Thanks Mr Pompeo for banning Huawei.

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    The UK is the same. BT instead of investing in infrastructure is sharing dividends. And even with that, the stock sucks. Bt is absolutely toxic to the UK.

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    This is why we need 5G. Towers are MUCH cheaper than laying cable

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    SpaceX: It's my time to shine.

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    Poor internet connection can frustrate you
    I come in peace with good news on how to make more money from crypto trading

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    Memes are a Human Right?

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    This why we need starlink

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    It will not be a issue if Huawei were not banned in the name of national security. Your politicians sacrifice your benefit for their own interests. Sad! Number one powerful country but ppl live worse than third world country. Is there anything you can do in a democracy country?

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    Why do many rural Americans still not have reliable Internet?
    Because most rural areas will never be profitable to run high speed internet to and government provided internet would be socialism and the Republicans can't allow that.

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    Comment section: "My country X provides 4G with xyz speed and I only pay abc$ amount for it."

    Country X is 1/94 of the US in size

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