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Why is the US cracking down on aid workers at the border? | The Stream

Scott Warren is dedicated to helping people making the gruelling trek across the US-Mexico border. But he now faces criminal charges – and possibly years in prison – for providing that often life-saving aid.

Warren is a volunteer with charity No More Deaths, which routinely helps migrants crossing the border. He was arrested and charged last year with two counts of harbouring and one count of conspiracy after giving food, water and shelter to two undocumented migrants. Warren is currently on trial and, if convicted, he could serve up to 20 years in prison. In a separate case, Teresa Todd was stopped by police while giving three young El Salvadorans a ride in her car. She is now the subject of an ongoing investigation. Both cases, activists say, highlight a growing trend.

Although aid workers have faced similar issues under previous US governments, rights groups say President Donald Trump’s crackdown on those helping migrants is unprecedented. The number of people federally charged with smuggling and harbouring grew by almost a third from 2015-2018, with the biggest increase coming in 2018.

The crackdown is not only happening on the US side of the border. On June 5, Mexican authorities arrested Irineo Mujica and Cristobal Sanchez. Both work with Pueblo Sin Fronteras, an organisation that helps migrant caravans. Mujica is also accused of being a co-conspirator in the Warren case.

As the United Nations and rights group Amnesty International urge US authorities to stop criminalising those providing aid to migrants, The Stream will look at the situation on both sides of the border and ask how aid workers are navigating an increasingly challenging environment. Join the conversation.

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    These are not AID workers. Fake news from Al.. Shocking eh?

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    Starting to see forms of genocide globally, this is the NWO starting to out itself.

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    What is this really ?
    Surface depopulation bit by bit !!!

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    Because these aid workers are infiltrators and they are there to smuggle drugs and collapse the border into mexico.

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    Does anyone even deny this is about straight up racism anymore? If so why isn't anyone crowing about the mostly wide open Canadian border?

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    These groups are supported George Soros, these groups are encouraging these illegals to brake our US laws!

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    EXCELLENT reporting Let's fix the problems in Central America instead of trying to fix problems on the other side of the planet. These are human beings not animals. Walls are only meant to be climbed over. Trump is going about this in the most ignorant way as we in the US are losing our sense of decency.

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    So I'm going to verify this to C if it is true or false. I call balderdash.

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    Thank you for watching, everybody. More from The Stream here: aljazeera.com/thestream

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    It is really a dilemma for anyone to argue one way or the other. Aid workers or ordinary people could be innocent and just wanted to save lives but they could be criminals doing something illegal.

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    enforcing the law

    Not criminalizing aide.

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    They are not aid workers they are human smugglers.

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    People don't have a right to come to other country's and yes these people are human traffickers

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    Very one sided discussion. One needs to remember that the numbers have exploded. It's not sustainable. The laws made have became outdated. And many of these organizations have political agendas and philosophies.

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    Such actions are an illegal violation of Constitutional Rights of US Citizens.

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