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Why is anti-Asian sentiment rising in the US? | We Need To Talk

“In my lifetime, I was subjected to the same kind of hate and racism and hysteria – a toxic mix – just because we happened to look like the people that bombed Pearl Harbor. It happens consistently throughout American history and now it’s happening again.”

#WeNeedToTalk with Malika Bilal talks to actor and activist George Takei on the rising of anti-Asian sentiment in the US and the upcoming 2020 election.

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    Six hundred ninety four Miles from home

    Trump say about Chinese only Chinese not included other Asian lol

  2. Avatar

    They’re literally model minorities and are racist towards black people. I feel no sympathy.

  3. Avatar

    Trump Dog Whistling Covid-19 is "The China Virus" or "Kung-Flu" isn't helping.

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    OneGoldStarHelmet 4U

    What chinese people are doing they are still the enemy

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    Why is anti-American sentiment rising in China? It is the same, if you plant the seeds of hate, you reap the fruits.

  6. Avatar

    The sound quality is bad.

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    Try asking who is attacking them ,

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    The United States has every right to vet anyone who is trying to enter it. Europe is a prime example of what we don’t want in our country. Anyone and everyone is welcomed the U.S., but they need to be vetted. We need to know who is entering our country for safety reasons.

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    Everyone is a victim these days.

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    Loved his last social distancing idea.

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    Anti-asian? What? I LOVE TENTACLES!!!

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    Asians has been too much obedient since WW2. Particularly those who from North East. It's high time to make our positions clear in US. First and foremost, we should stop pretending as if we weren't colored. Yes we are. Just like blacks, latinos , and middle-eastern.

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    Joe Biden is a “Hack” when he started politics, and after 47 years, he’s still a “Hack”

  14. Avatar

    America is rotten from the head.

  15. Avatar

    But Asians are extremely racist specially towards black people. So i shed no tears over here.

  16. Avatar

    Great interview!

  17. Avatar

    This is a lie.

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    Let’s hope they never bring back the white Australian policy back into Australia. Groups like national action is now known as the Australian first party.

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    There is! Sprays breath

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    不是 不是 美国是反共不是反华啊~~~ 好经典的话术啊。 在美华人 看过让子弹飞吗 麻子问黄四爷 到底什么最重要? 没有黄四爷 才是最重要的。 美国没有华人才是最重要的! 懂没? 你好好品嘛

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    So, Concentration camp in CHINA? WTF!

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    President Obama deported more people than most presidents he also sent out drones that killed men,women & children including american citizens most politicians have blood on there hands internationally!!!!…

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    Diogenis Gentil Noia

    A disputed situation😬

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    of cos the leader is already a racist duck so the followers naturally emulate the duck leader ignorantly

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    Have you seen how Asians treat "foreigner" in their country? They just can't take what they give.

  26. Avatar

    Some of them are not so innocent.

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    Since when do muslim women associate with gay men?

  28. Avatar

    Why are you always calling America racist? This woman hates America.

  29. Avatar

    George Takei is gay. Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar with a punishment of up to 3 years in prison. Al Jazeera is owned and operated by the Qatari government.

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    White people are scared

  31. Avatar

    Asian Americans need more heroes like Seung-Hui Cho.

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    Hussain The Canadian

    As a gay man, who is also a Canadian, a Arab, and a Muslim, I understand exactly what it means to be in the closet. Its not easy fusing several layers of your personality into your identity; for me its that complexity that makes me, me. George I love you, you're an inspiration, a vision of compassion and understanding, of wisdom and love – Indeed live long and prosper.

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    Neelie Hendricks7478

    Where is this happening at ? According to news and social media ,only the African americans and LBGQT are being picked on.

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    George, thank you for your courage and good works.

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    Amy Barret belongs in a deprogramming reeducation camp.

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    The white man excuse "No, no, no, this is not against Asians, it is against China". Then they say "No, no, no, this is not against China, it is against CCP." Yup, nobody believes this BS. As far as I know, there has been RACISM against all kinds of people by the white man. Ask Jesus, son of God.

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    This highly respected actor is ethnic Japanese. He has gone through all this racism and hate throughout his life. This is not just against Chinese, it is the white man's lie to make themselves feel better.

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    Let's start with number 1. Who is president during world war II? A Democrat named Franklin d Roosevelt.
    #2 there are still concentration camps inside of China, North Korea, Russia. All three countries are in Asia.
    #3 who built the so-called concentration camps, at the southern border of the United States to Mexico? A Democrat named Barack Hussein Obama.
    #4 who established a KKK, Jim Crow laws, illiteracy voting laws, and thought against segregation? The Democratic party.
    #5 who did prison reform, opportunity zones, investing 360million in low funded community colleges, and social reform for black communities? A republican named Donald j Trump.are the Republicans throughout history that changed the balance of racism?
    Abraham Lincoln
    Martin Luther King Jr
    Malcolm x
    All three are Republicans.

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    Not wanting a communist Asian nation to call all the shots for us isn't being anti Asian.

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