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Why I Quit My Job Carrying Out Trump’s Immigration Policies | NYT Opinion

A former asylum officer says “remain in Mexico” and other policies undermining asylum aren’t just racist, they’re illegal.

In the Video Op-Ed above, a former asylum officer reveals why he resigned: to protest President Trump’s policy requiring migrants to remain in Mexico while awaiting hearings.

Doug Stephens had been an asylum officer for two years. But two days and five interviews that resulted in sending asylum seekers back to danger shook him. He drafted a memo detailing his legal objections to the policy, and circulated it to 80 of his colleagues, his supervisors and a member of Congress. And then he quit.

Mr. Stephens is not the only asylum officer who has grappled with following orders. In interviews with a half-dozen current and former asylum officers across the country, The Times learned of individuals leaving their posts, requesting job transfers and falling into deep depression.

The right to asylum has been a cornerstone of international immigration law since the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. The United States, along with 144 other nations, made a commitment to protect those who arrive at our borders with “a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.”

To date, Mr. Trump’s remain in Mexico policy, officially known as one of the “Migrant Protection Protocols,” has left nearly 58,000 asylum seekers stranded in Mexico.

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    Trying to use your child and stating asylum as a "Get-out-of-Jail-free-card" AFTER getting caught trespassing IS illegal, as it should be!

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    lets pay them too……….

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    Forget that immigration help our economy growth it doesnt matter if the GDP is 70% consumer based and allowing people in would only help!

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    he dont want immigrant to come to his thief land of america but he want zimbabwe land.No whay

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    Oh no! “The government is sending them back to Mexico” 😢

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    "" the concept of freedom, is an absolute "'

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    I pray to God
    To make America Great again.

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    Good when the left weed themselves out.

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    Your personal values conflict with the safety, voting and taxation needs of our communities.

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    Hong Kong have bad police…….please help us and support us

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    I was going to watch this video but I decided otherwise after seeing that this man has windows in his home.
    Who is he to say birds should have borders?!
    How dare you?
    How darrrre you?!

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    Here in the finger lakes region. An illegal alien who was previously deported. Behind the wheel intoxicated three times the legal limit. Fled the scene after running down an older man on his riding mower. Killed an innocent man. Here is your policy on immigration hard at work. #Trump2020

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    Ok so healthcare for all, free education, forgiving student debt, improving infrastructure, etc… for the people in America or allow more people in so companies can keep the minimum wages low and the government can barely afford to keep the country in it's current state functioning? This video was an attempt at emotional blackmail without even remotely looking at the harm that opening those gates to everyone will cause. Obviously we all want people to come and live in a utopia where everyone is healthy, fed and not in poverty. Everything has a price though and just blindly saying help everyone unfortunately is not realistic.

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    you are very brave to upload this

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    You did the right thing. You cannot "work from within" when "within" is corrupt.

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    New York Times is real journalism unlike Fox News

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    I congratulate this man for following his conscience, instead of just being a 'good soldier' and 'following orders'. I wish there were more like him in a position of power. And, he certainly calls into question just what the US stands for any longer.

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    If Hillary had gotten elected, 5 million illegals would have been let in, the first year alone…. Media tricked us in 2016, but our entire family is voting Trump 2020

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    There is a difference between asylum seeker and an immigrant .. the left just calls anyone an asylum seeker.

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    I'm going to be opinionated. It's simple his policies on immigration are stupid and don't make sense

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    I applaud you white man! You have a good heart and strong mind!!! Your seeds will be blessed!

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    Just More LIES and FALSE information BY ANOTHER N.Y.Times liberal JOKE!! These people just can't help themselves,they got to spew worthless lies about The President trying TO FIX A OBAMA ILLEGAL EXECUTIVE ORDER!!! "Why i Quit My JOB",another PHONY!!!!

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    Omg yaaasssss! So stunning and brave!
    Let’s open all the borders and make white people illegal.

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