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Why Google Is Being Sued by the Justice Department | WSJ

The Justice Department is filing an antitrust lawsuit against Google. Here’s how the tech giant ended up in the crosshairs of federal regulators. WSJ’s Jason Bellini reports. Photo: Getty Images

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  1. Avatar

    why are you touching my portfolio

  2. Avatar

    These lawsuits are BS.

  3. Avatar

    In the United States, antitrust law is a collection of federal and state government laws that regulate the conduct and organization of business corporations and are generally intended to promote competition for the benefit of consumers. The main statutes are the Sherman Act of 1890, the Clayton Act of 1914 and the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914. These Acts serve three major functions. First, Section 1 of the Sherman Act prohibits price-fixing and the operation of cartels, and prohibits other collusive practices that unreasonably restrain trade. Second, Section 7 of the Clayton Act restricts the mergers and acquisitions of organizations that would likely substantially lessen competition. Third, Section 2 of the Sherman Act prohibits the abuse of monopoly power. Wikipedia

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    Good they deserve it what a nerve they have wheres our freedom anyway

  5. Avatar

    How many former FTC employees from the time leading up to the 2013 decision not to go after them have been employed by google or taken on as "consultants" in the years since? See also operatives of both major parties.

  6. Avatar

    Why only now? Google probably has been doing for decades. Why just now?

  7. Avatar

    I use Google because I choose to, not because I have to

  8. Avatar

    I use Google. I have always liked them but they do some buttehead maneuvers I don’t like sometimes. I have had a Windows 10 and Vista Computer. I have an IPhone – For some reason I don’t trust Androids Tried Bing . It wasn’t loathsome but I didn’t really like it .

  9. Avatar

    Everything is coming to a head. Hold on for the ride folks

  10. Avatar

    Normally I’m against big tech. However I don’t think they have a case here. I can literally have whatever browser I want at will. Microsoft was different because I was forced into having their browsers and software. If I’m able to choose what I want when I want I don’t feel like I’m being forced into a monopoly.

  11. Avatar

    Consumers like to use Google. It is the only best search engine beside Yandex, Russian Search engine. oh.. I SEE NOW.

  12. Avatar

    Look in the mirror DOJ!!!

  13. Avatar

    I must be dumb, I thought this was about all the enormous censorship taking place.

  14. Avatar

    My gripe is censorship of conservative content by the Google subsidiary, You Tube.

  15. Avatar

    My gripe is censorship of conservative content by the Google

  16. Avatar

    My gripe is censorship of conservative content by the Google

  17. Avatar

    My gripe is censorship of conservative content by the Google

  18. Avatar

    My gripe is censorship of conservative content by the Google

  19. Avatar

    My gripe is censorship of conservative content by the Google

  20. Avatar


  21. Avatar

    Gulag Google ceo – a grinning wide-boy !

  22. Avatar

    Advertising has nothing to do with anything. It is controlling what we see. Not good.

  23. Avatar

    Lets get some new companies

  24. Avatar

    Despite the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment now is the best time to invest

  25. Avatar

    Sue them for 50 billion at least.

  26. Avatar

    democracy is not rich enough to counter Mega Corporations

  27. Avatar

    Google needs yo be fair and stop their sneaky business practices.

  28. Avatar

    Sue them. Into oblivion.

  29. Avatar

    Twitter also should wbe …..

  30. Avatar

    This is why I use Search Lock, there better & it's worth my privacy & there not politically motivated.

  31. Avatar

    The politicians just want to be paid, they want a piece of that big delicious pie… of money.

  32. Avatar

    Google also worldwide unhappiness with manipulation

  33. Avatar

    Big Tech, like Big Tobacco yet with tech.

  34. Avatar

    Just in time…. Because it’s the next part of the script, to get us to think the G actually cares. It’s Foolishness to believe that, when they see us as animals, wards of the state, corporations, chattel, human subjects not a living man or women or child which gives them the ability to do whatever they want. USC United States Code / UCC Uniform Commercial Code

  35. Avatar

    This is just like the Microsoft anti-competition methods used in the 1990s.

  36. Avatar

    Google should be facing censorship low suit as well.😡

  37. Avatar

    They need to get google out of the education game. It is creepy how they have wormed their way into every classroom- especially now with Covid. Kids are being tracked, etc. Just gross.

  38. Avatar

    Why isn't Amazon being sued for monopolizing eCommerce??? Apple for trapping consumers with their iMessage blue bubble bullsh*t???

  39. Avatar

    I wouldn't trust the Wall Street Journal at all. Their in the Swamp.

  40. Avatar
    Nick Daniel Kjeldgaard

    Finally 🥳

  41. Avatar

    Break it up. Look how great our phones: service, quality, and price became after the government broke up the phone company. Monopolies are bad for the consumer.

  42. Avatar

    USA is infiltrated and disintegrated by Communist Party of China

  43. Avatar

    I hate being American I'll see you soon

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