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Why Foreign Companies are Skeptical of China's New Openness | WSJ

Beijing is giving Washington a concession in the trade talks: regulations that would level the playing field for foreign companies in China. But there are doubts about Beijing’s true commitment to opening its market.

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    Why foreign countries are skeptical of United States overthrowing their democracies and stealing their natural resources.

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    "China stops forcing technology transfer."
    Oh. Look, finally China has completed copying down every single technology in the entire world!

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    It’s been rumored that Google is going to be unbanned in China in the next few years

  4. Avatar

    China produces gold and China is buying gold. Need I say more.

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    This should be taken with a cup full of salt it's Highly doubtful the communists will play ball with American companies since they are challenging American hegemony all over the world.

  7. Avatar

    I think that it won't be long until china does something the rest of the world not just dislikes but will feel forced to stop.

  8. Avatar

    "China stops forcing technology transfer." China did not HAVE to force anything Greedy CEO's and business owners are just as guilty! Instead of reporting China for breaking the rules these businesses kept their mouths shut and lined their already fat pockets.

  9. Avatar

    it's been too long this world being ruled by greedy western colonizers! hey americunt, you can't affort to rule the world anymore. now we are forcing you to play with our rules! 😂☝🇨🇳

  10. Avatar

    WSJ you always have top notch info we can trust. But because you are part of the Rubert Murdoch machine which also runs FoxNews – you and every reporter who works for the WSJ are guilty of destroying democracy and paving the way to socialism. On a day when Kentucky elects a Dem governor and 11,000 scientists write a letter to ask us to re enter the climate pact, you are not helping. Where is your love of country?

  11. Avatar

    "China must stop forcing technology and data transfer" – Say USA forcing their on company to transfer data to NSA. "China must stop to subsidy it's comapny" – Says USA while subsidying BOEING and trying to put blame for the crash on others.

  12. Avatar

    Can we please stop ban on Chinese immigration? Everywhere you go in the world where this Chinese immigrate to with a bucket load of money, real estate price go up, pushing natives out of cities.

  13. Avatar

    China is still run by the same people who are responsible for Tianenam square.. FREE HONG KONG! Sell more things to Taiwan.

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    Tesla should be a perfect example to be set for China. Elon already has his first round of profit from the stock market. Let's wait and see

  15. Avatar

    Then they should pay back the stolen IP that they’ve been profiteering

  16. Avatar

    CTRL + C + CTRL + V = China in a nutshell

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    i have lost signifactly dealing with the chinese. they are all scams who rather rip u off and have a short term profit instead of establishing a long term relationship. there is no legal way u can do anything about these local businessman in china. infact the chinese local politicians are so corrupt and biased, they will point the finger at u and blame u for dealing with, and not knowing better. huh!
    it is my fault in not understanding and confusing the chinese with the japanese. Japanese businesses are all honest and the legal system there is top notch. they dont constantly try to scam u with prices or give the worst stock in their inventory. moral of the story : do ur research and never ever trust a chinese. !! if a chinese is being friendly, chances are they are ur friend but superficial . if a japanese is being rude, they are ur true friend.

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    I believe the previous Chinese approach was "tech in exchange of market". Transferring of technology is a part of the deal if you want to enter the China market, and those international corps all know and agree to it when they chose to enter the market. So they can quit whining about China "stealing" their tech tbh

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    "improve it's business environment" = FAKE
    the statement is another game

  20. Avatar

    China said she will open the market today. However, China is going to impose more regulations to restrict the free movement of trade tomorrow.

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