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Why early voting lines shattered records in Georgia and Texas

In mid-October 2020, Texas and Georgia saw high early voter turnout and hours-long lines, shattering records. The Washington Post’s Amy Gardner explained what was behind the long lines. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    Let’s be honest.. Nobody standing in line for hours to vote Biden😎😂🍿

  2. Avatar

    Look at all the masks!!!

  3. Avatar

    If they were there the next day, then we got something to talk about.

  4. Avatar

    The guilty dog barks first.

  5. Avatar

    I live in NC. I am voting in person tomorrow for JB.

  6. Avatar

    Kick the Nazi out!!!!!!!!!! The agenda is clear voter suppression in county and city of diversity.

  7. Avatar

    That is what happened in Georgia last with the rule of one drop off box

  8. Avatar

    Republican VOTER SUPPRESSION is OBVIOUS..! May they burn in November Hell..!

  9. Avatar

    Look at all the Trump supporters enthusiastic about four more years of the greatest President ever…. not

  10. Avatar

    Republikkkans: “wHaT sYsTeMiC rAcIsM?”

  11. Avatar

    I’m so proud of my fellow country citizens in Georgia and Texas. But, waiting 10 hours is disgraceful and unacceptable. 2020 is showing us that voter suppression is real!

  12. Avatar

    Kick the kkk out of the White House

  13. Avatar

    We coming for you trump

  14. Avatar

    Every place where people have to wait for hours to vote just happen to be in GOP controlled states, if this isn't voter suppression then what is. They could've opened more branches or employed more help.

  15. Avatar

    well what i can say is that i am glad i brought my phone with me as it has it has all my e-books on it and the line was long enough for me to read 1 entire book then start on the next.

  16. Avatar

    this is the most important election of our life time! its up to us where the country is headed. We must vote!

  17. Avatar

    Come on Rest of the country! Vote out the Orange Muppet and his enablers!

  18. Avatar

    They are mostly Donald trump supporters. They want to defend the 2nd amendment.

  19. Avatar

    0:17 my entire life changed with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  20. Avatar

    Biden/Harris voters, thank you for patiently waiting!!

  21. Avatar

    Vote him out! Vote him out! Vote him out!

  22. Avatar

    Hopefully they are there to vote trump out but could be the other way trump supporters will follow this man no matter what he says or does its a cult

  23. Avatar

    They forgot that we were seeds and now we are rising up to make it loud and clear leaving no ambiguity! Vote!

  24. Avatar
    Staas Innovations

    Yeah, there's alot of people voting for Trump! Democrats are doing mail in voting remember

  25. Avatar
    Cynthia Woodmancy

    vote vote vote BLUE !!!!!!!!

  26. Avatar

    Those are TRUMP VOTERS. they want to VOTE IN PERSON.

    BIDEN voters are afraid of COVID-19 they want VOTE BY MAIL.

  27. Avatar

    This is what the Tec.cos. are doing against President Trump & his supporters.

  28. Avatar

    I voted last week, felt cleansed..like an exorcism.

  29. Avatar

    "You poke the bull you get the horns"

  30. Avatar

    Let us face it …..
    America sucks .
    Its Democracy is a sham and the real America has revealed itself to the entire planet .

    Go China !!

  31. Avatar

    0:46 my entire life changed thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  32. Avatar

    Must be nice to be able to vote in person. In Hawaii we don’t have that right.

  33. Avatar

    THANK YOU to everyone who stood in these long lines. You are heroes!

  34. Avatar

    Where are all those red hats Republicans love to wear?

  35. Avatar

    The blatant voter suppression attempts and the ridiculous claim about mail in votes had backfired. I want to see how donnie is going to claim that voting in person is fraud assuming most of the African Americans as rr voting blue and I see a lot of African Americans standing in line

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