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Why does Trump want to ban Tiktok? | Inside Story

It’s one of the most downloaded apps of all times and famous for its catchy videos.
The Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok has millions of users in the U.S. alone.
But many feel disappointed by President Donald Trump’s threats to ban it in their country.
Now tech giant Microsoft says it will continue talks to buy Tiktok’s operations in the U-S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
The corporation says it’s spoken to Trump and will tackle his concerns about the social media platform.
Washington is worried users’ data could be shared with the Chinese government and videos censored.
TikTok rejects that.
How far will Trump go in his business war against China?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra

Victor Gao, Vice President at the Center for China and Globalisation.
Megha Mishra, Researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute.
Elliott Zaagman, Co-Host of the podcast China Tech Investor.

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  1. Avatar
    Mohammed Qasim Al Mammari


  2. Avatar

    India now ban Indian from learning Chinese

  3. Avatar

    China don't allow other app in their countries so why are they mad that other countries are banning their app

  4. Avatar

    India, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippine, and many other Asian countries are banning China made

  5. Avatar

    China meeting karma . Years ago china banned google , Facebook , youtube and many more . Now same china is complaining injustice .lol

  6. Avatar

    Let us all unite to ban chinese product

  7. Avatar

    Trump boasts he made a very good trade deal with China. Right now China has been having a post GDP of over 3% while in US the GDP has fallen drastically.

  8. Avatar

    All Chinese company's are subject to the whims of the CCP. Ban Tiktok and any other program the Chinese can spy with.

  9. Avatar

    "China has no interest in interfering with the US elections" Yea right, the most powerful nation on the planet has elections and China isn't going to move a muscle about it. China. Right.

  10. Avatar

    This is a national security. But is is ok if microsoft own part if it. How hypocrite

  11. Avatar

    This guy just threatened the US by saying that in 10 years they will be beyond control.

  12. Avatar

    stupid double-standard games.

  13. Avatar

    free market? capitalism`? say good bye to that murica!

  14. Avatar
    Ritz May Douglas

    Trump banned Tik Tok We banned Twitter

  15. Avatar
    Saisravan Satturu

    India already banned it

  16. Avatar

    Little orange man is angry towards Tiktok because of Tusla , before Tulsa I'm sure he never heard any mention of TikTok . Microsoft haven't been leading much in the social media sphere , "Small" Zoom even Killed off Skype . It's a little bit more complicated than buying off orange man .

  17. Avatar

    Good interview with a balanced panel. Thanks.

  18. Avatar

    China is conducting a war according to Sun Tzu – the ultimate war – how to win without one single battle being fought. The key is intelligence – and deception. Observe China's behaviour in this respect very carefully!!

  19. Avatar

    Do any American app work in China just asking

  20. Avatar

    No it was India who banned tik tok first .

  21. Avatar

    The Chinese would want Trump to win

  22. Avatar

    Ich wundere mich wirklich who die Steckel sich versteckt hat ! Schüchtern vielleicht 🤣

  23. Avatar

    so China can't spy on America freely. isn't it obvious , why?

  24. Avatar

    trump is going after big tech and spyware, just like snowden exposed nsa, this is not hard to figure out….

  25. Avatar

    Callous Orange Man is mad about Tulsa. And he's taking millions on the side from Microsoft.

  26. Avatar

    Still butthurt about Tulsa, huh?

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