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Why Conflicts in Armenia and Other Former Soviet Republics Are Testing Russia's Power | WSJ

From unrest in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan to the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, WSJ explores how the crises unfolding in Russia’s backyard mark a turning point in Vladimir Putin’s rule and put him at risk of losing influence in the former Soviet Union. Video/Photo Composite: Michelle Inez Simon

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  1. Avatar

    It doesn't benefit Russia to keep these countries stable. It benefits Russia to find ways to subjugate these weak nations and siphon resources.

  2. Avatar
    Resume Aurangzeb Empire of 1707 India to vietnam

    Love all russian people from Pakistan 💪 putin is greate leader ✊

  3. Avatar

    Support putin

  4. Avatar

    The events that have unfolded in Belarus over the past three months are pure madness! If Kremlin continues their support for the Tractor Tsar (who's in power since 1994) it'll most certainly backfire. The people (97%) have spoken!

  5. Avatar

    Central Asia is Russia's middle East, only difference is Russia don't bomb them.

  6. Avatar

    Russia is just a larger version of North Korea, a country of drunkards with a failing economy and a lot of nuclear weapons.

  7. Avatar

    Might be wishful thinking but seems like the Americans are screwing around in Russia's backyard. If its indeed them, seems like payback.

  8. Avatar
    Art Station Ideas

    Well by law the region belongs to azarbeijan but I am not sure if Russia would allow them to take it back. Armenians are the biggest ally of Russia, has always been

  9. Avatar
    El Canal de Rebeca

    Saludos hola llequeeee

  10. Avatar

    How tall is Sergey Lavrov?

  11. Avatar
    Maria Andersen - Millionaire in 7 years

    I’m from Russia. But I’m really happy that I moved from there🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. Avatar

    It is not part of turks' ottoman empire? Erdogan's Islamic Empire dream?

  13. Avatar

    Nagorno Karabakh is not disputed region. United Nations recognizes Karabakh as offical part of Azerbaijan

  14. Avatar

    RUSSIA should show that they are not a sleeping lion anymore!

  15. Avatar

    What this news piece don’t tell you is all 3 conflicts in the video are back by the US directly or through intermediaries like Turkey.

    China and Russia are allies and China isn’t interested in replacing Russia in former Soviet countries but you can see signs of America moving in under the guise of countering Chinese influences. It serves to both drive a wedge between Russia and China and allowing the US to expend influences.

  16. Avatar
    gunjan shrivastava

    Why is Russia failing?

  17. Avatar

    "Russia is taking a hands off approach" thats what they want you to think lol

  18. Avatar
    Fikri Fadhlurrahman

    Cmon, you did better in USSR

  19. Avatar

    Russia is a third world country with almost no technology, totally economically dependent on it's oil and gas and natural resources income not much different from Saudi Arabia, trying to pretend that they are something else and present a fake image of being a superpower.

  20. Avatar

    The world needs Putin. He is the new Sadaam Hussein in the region. Without him or Russia, there will be a power vaccuum in the region similar to Iraq. Which leads to uncertainty

  21. Avatar

    Nagarno Karabakh is not disputed region belongs to Azerbaijan acc. To the UN regulations…please make sone research before uploading a video 😉

  22. Avatar

    Russia still pretty dominant. If you did a similar story about US influence waning in the western hemisphere, it would look similar but have no doubt it can be ratcheted up in a moment if things got spicy.

  23. Avatar
    Anton Resurreccion

    Xi Jinping has a bored resting face. He looks like he rather be somewhere else.

  24. Avatar
    Jorge Chacón Lema

    Incredible, they are asking Putin to do for his country what American media rejects from Trump :v

  25. Avatar

    People "Universally " are tired of their Governments trying to control them and telling us ALL what and what not to do !! We want OUT ..Our freedoms have been taken away by this Covid Virus pandemic and we all are RESTLESS and Bored ..We are tired of being treated like children and told to " Go and Stay Home "..

  26. Avatar

    Haha why the netizen forced russia to become like US?? Look at iraq, afghanistan…. US intervene leads those countries suffer. Better Russia to limit their involvement, and let these countries themself determine their ways.

  27. Avatar
    Firstname Lastname

    One World Order will come soon and its humanitys fail

  28. Avatar

    Each to their own *opinion*. Lets not forget that WSJ.

  29. Avatar

    🇮🇳 INDIA ❤ RUSSIA 👑

  30. Avatar

    Anglo-Saxon western nations policies to destabilize other countries . Same old divide and rule policy by western media . Try something .

  31. Avatar

    Armenia has no desire to join NATO, Armenia is defending its native land where its people live. UN loves that Azeri oil, so where the oil is, the UN rhetoric follows. Artsakh is not disputed territory, it was native Armenian lands gifted forcefully to Azeri SSR against the will of native Armenians living by Boksheviks during Soviet space. After Soviet collapse Azeris trying to maintain their Soviet area borders via a land grab that included land given to them by Bolsheviks.

    Armenians in Arstakh voted for independence via the same mechanisms as Azeris did. Frustrated Azeris launched a military offensive and almost also lost Baku as Armenians made an aggressive advance. Heydar Aliev the then dictator, realizing he was about to lose all of Azeri territory, signed a trilateral ceasefire with Armenian AND Arstakh Republic.

    Now in 2020, Aliev jr, with shiny Israeli weapons which includes illegal cluster bombs thinks he can overrun and bulky Armenians in their native land. But he has underestimated Armenian Lion resolve greatly. Armenians will never be bullied again, you shell our cities, we will shell yours.

    Here is Heydar Aliev himself in 1990’s discussing the 1918 Bolshevik created “azeribaijan” state and identity:


    WSJ should also do an expose on Turkey’s belligerent behavior world wide. Libia, Greece, Syria, Armenia, the list goes on.

  32. Avatar

    My younger daughter used to address that by “because”

  33. Avatar
    Yong Yew Kuan Andy

    No worries China and Russia don't mind taking turns. Russia knows China only only go in for business and nothing else. China just build and go and doesn't require anything. That's why Russia will trust China to do whatever they want to do. China don't intend to stay long. Haha 😂 only US like to act like a rat. Sneaking in and out. Chinese and Russia prefer going in from the front door and exiting from the front door. ✌️👍

  34. Avatar
    gw benci ytber toxic

    Russia will not help the wrong country even if it is included in its allies

  35. Avatar

    Russian involvement in Belarus is going to backfire most probably, but not sure about Armenia tho

  36. Avatar

    We all know what 2 huge countries (China being the actual communist regime) will do. Putin won’t make the same mistake Stalin did with Hitler. Russia has evolved despite what the world says of her.

  37. Avatar
    Avneesh Singh Tomar

    Everybody Gangsta until….
    Russia steps in….
    4 countries at a time….

  38. Avatar

    Why the US can't pay more attention to help democratic countries like Mexico, but keep getting into trouble with Russia and China?

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