Why Car Windows Have Little Black Dots

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Every now and then, you get stuck in traffic. So what do you do? You stare blankly at your windshield, right. And you probably notice the little black dots around the edges. Ever wondered what those are for?

But black dots aren’t the only part of your car that might have you wondering, “What on Earth is that for?” Since you’re still looking at your windshield, did you notice that little line with an arrow pointing down and AS1 written on it? Or what about the black lines going across the back window and that little snowflake on your dashboard? Let’s figure out!

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The purpose of black dots 0:28
The AS Line 2:16
Lines on the Rear Window 3:04
The Snowflake Light 3:51
Gas Tank Locator 4:35
Drowsiness Detector 5:24
Stability Control 6:03
Ceiling Handles 6:29
Conversation Mirror 6:59
Fully Customizable Icons 7:29
? Find extra storage spaces in your car! ? 7:55

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– The dots come out of the black band that goes around the window. That band is called the frit. It’s the ceramic paint that protects the sealant holding your windshield in place.
– They make a nice gradient transition from the black frit to the clear window. This gradient is also a safety feature.
– The black dots are there to even out the heat and minimize optical distortion. Without them, the windshield would deform.
– Those black dots above the rearview mirror have another important function: they help protect your eyes from the sun while you’re driving.
– AS1 means that the glass should let in no less than 75% of the light. The line and arrow mean “from this point and downward.” S
– Have you ever noticed a little snowflake light up on your dashboard? This is the Frost or Freeze Warning, and it lights up automatically to inform you that the temperature outside has dropped so much that the roads are likely to freeze.
– Gas tank locator tells you which side the tank is on! By the way, there are no strict regulations as to which side the tank should be on.
– Drowsiness detector does exactly what it says: if the car “feels” that you’ve been on the road for too long or you keep slowly drifting out of your lane, then this indicator will come on.
– When sensors decide your vehicle is about to spin out or isn’t turning far enough, a little skidding car icon lights up on the dashboard.
– The original purpose of ceiling handles was to help you get in and out of the car.
– In most mini-vans and some crossover SUVs, you can pull down a convex mirror from a special compartment in front of your rearview mirror. It helps you keep an eye on the kids, pets, or just passengers in the back seats without taking your eyes off the road for a second longer than needed.

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