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Why Can't I Make Money Off My N.C.A.A. Career? | NYT Opinion

California’s initiative to allow college athletes to profit from their talent is a boon especially for women and competitors in sports without pro leagues.

An exuberant top-scoring floor routine by U.C.L.A.’s Katelyn Ohashi went viral this year, making her one of the most famous college gymnasts ever. But N.C.A.A rules prevented Ohashi from making any money from the performance. In this Video Op-Ed, Ohashi argues that college students should be given the ability to earn income from their athletic achievement.

Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California signed a law to do just that. The Fair Pay to Play Act, would allow college athletes to strike endorsement deals, a move that would transform the entire business model of college sports. Changing the rules would be especially beneficial for women and athletes in sports that lack professional leagues.

But California’s changes aren’t scheduled to take effect until 2023, and that leaves the N.C.A.A. plenty of time to mount challenges to the law. If the law is upheld, the N.C.A.A. will have to decide whether to penalize California’s universities with fines, or even expel them from the association. For now, California is betting that the huge size of its college system, and its influence in college sports, will make that impossible.

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  1. Avatar

    The NCAA is like a State Lottery, they claim they are the only ones who can profit from an activity that they wrote the legislation for making it illegal for YOU to profit from.

  2. Avatar

    Downvote bc FOUR suggested vids in 2 Minutes?! If you think you didn't get payed in college, wait 'til you see what the NYT did to your face, Katelyn! Banner after banner for "NYT: Nike…"😣

  3. Avatar

    Wow ! You are a beautiful woman and an amazing athlete! Work on this and make a difference this is your calling

  4. Avatar

    Thank you for speaking out on this and using your voice to help other athletes. It would be easy to say, "Well, this doesn't apply to me anymore, why put myself out there?" It's an honor to be able to look up to strong men and women who see a fight BEYOND themselves, a fight for other athletes in the future.

  5. Avatar

    The NCAA doesnt want to lose the slaves who make them money. The NCAA says: "here is a partial scholarship, enjoy-it". Its only fair that you destroy your body to benefit the four families of the NCAA. NIKE. GATORADE. AMERICAN AIRLINES. COCA-COLA.

  6. Avatar

    I've known about this issue for 8 years. Crazy how many athletes have been disenfranchised in that time. Cancel the NCAA, start something new.

  7. Avatar

    Is she getting a full scholarship? No student loan debt when she graduates? Getting a free degree for her hard work? Ok. Did she gain experience and an education while there? Ok. Did she gain exposure while there? Ok. Well, then welcome to the world young lady. Most of us have massive student loan debts to still pay well into our 30’s and 40’s. Most of us had to do long unpaid internships to gain experience and exposure while also going to school. That’s what college is for. Treat it as such. College for athletes is their internship too. If you are good enough you will make a living after college off of your hard work. If you chose a sport as a career where you won’t make a lot of money after college. That’s on you. At least you have a degree for free. If you appreciated the opportunity and graduated. If not, that’s on you.

  8. Avatar

    I could not agree more! I started college in 1990, and although I did not play football, I had a friend who did and I got to see copies of all the NCAA contracts and other paperwork he had to sign. I saw that he was signing his rights away back then. And since, I've never ever cared for college sports – not even football which I love very much. Not until they allow college athletes to earn money from their athletic abilities.

    And even a scholarship is not always free. There are certain sports (basketball and baseball come to mind) where your practice schedule and other sport-related activities are required to take precedence. As an athlete you have to schedule your academic life around your sport — depending on the sport. Some teams have to travel the country multiple times a week. Your school schedule suffers. There are many academic programs (especially STEM) for which there are only one or two courses offered in any given semester or year. Especially in the junior and senior years. If your sport has a practice or a game during that time, good luck getting a passing grade. It's no wonder so many student athlets graduate with sports-related degrees which aren't really worth much in the outside world.

  9. Avatar

    Nobody is obligated to follow the NCAA rules. All athletes should just ignore the NCAA rules – and let the schools deal with the consequences. Get your money!

  10. Avatar

    I am a romanian boxer and i have 1 more year of school.My talent was never reconised not even by friends at school. 😉

  11. Avatar

    I really wanna sniff her. Is that weird?

  12. Avatar

    Yay California……athletes should own their own faces/likenesses/images/names, when now the NCAA owns everything. The new law doesn't mean they get paid a salary, but does give them control over their athletic life. End the plantation system now!

  13. Avatar

    Hope Fortnite doesn't copy her moves.

  14. Avatar

    Because your specific sport isn't generating enough revenue. Also they aren't going to pay the players they are just allowing players to market themselves and get endorsements etc.. You can market yourself but if you aren't in a sport that draws interest in marketing then you won't be able to make money. Thats all their is to this. So carry on with the complaints

  15. Avatar

    Atheletes get used for their talent way too much. So so unfair. I wish her all the best in the future, hope she makes as much money as the work she’s put in

  16. Avatar

    You can go be a stripper I promise I will make it rain what dollar bills

  17. Avatar

    💪👌 SHE's RIGHT! Bravo for speaking out.

  18. Avatar

    How about a free education
    what a hypocrite

  19. Avatar

    This is why I don't support college sportsball. That money should go to the athletes and academics.

  20. Avatar

    College used to be about education. Now it is about $$$

  21. Avatar

    Talented , Beautiful and an activist. U go girl. 😍🙌

  22. Avatar

    NCAA needs to be separated from colleges and universities. Until then they don't need the pay. If that's not the case then why don't high school kids get paid? Why not middle school kids? Why not kids? Separate the ncaa from colleges and universities.

  23. Avatar

    It’s the same with music majors! They charge people for the tickets to hear us play, and that money didn’t help us! It should have been used to pay for school not go into the universities pockets! I used to go around telling the theater patrons to demand free tickets because the money didn’t help us directly.

  24. Avatar

    I reckon it's the patriarchy

  25. Avatar

    This woman is a total BAMF!! Both on and off the mat!

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