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Why Breakfast Could Decide Who Wins the Fast-Food Wars | WSJ

As more people are increasingly grabbing breakfast at fast-food joints, it’s making up larger and larger margins for the big players. To keep up with the competition, Wendy’s is relaunching its breakfast menu after three failed attempts.

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  1. Avatar

    Wendy's has had a continuous breakfast offerings at truck stops for years.

  2. Avatar

    Hey I am the first viewer of this video and I chicked this cze it showed no views and it's first time happening to me

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    Egg McMuffin with sausage meal and a OJ please. Something like 6.47 in Manhattan. Don't need anything else.

  4. Avatar

    I have the ultimate breakfast strat; Chick Fil A for breakfast entree, Starbucks for coffee, DD for a glazed donut, and McD for a hashbrown. Everything else is irrelevant, breakfast wise

  5. Avatar

    Any place that has hot soft buttery croissants 🥐 is good.

  6. Avatar

    They'd have to offer something different to stand out, like waffles or french toast, or their own take on McDonald's egg McMuffin.

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    WSJ, You Rock!!! 🔥Amazing video content as always 🔥Thanks for sharing -> Looking forward to watching your next video 🔥

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    Fast food breakfast is disgusting and if you eat it regularly, you're disgusting

    Dunks and Starbucks don't count btw

  10. Avatar

    Wish McDonald’s breakfast was all day especially on Sundays

  11. Avatar

    I think that we are just used to really bad food out of our laziness to cook. As a society we cherish value not quality, and those corporations know it well. We have been trained to eat bad food since we were toddlers. Once you take apart those sandwiches and taste each element separately you'll understand what I mean.

    Also, I don't think McDonald's makes their biscuits by hand in each restaurant every am. My guess is that these days they come already frozen and they just put them in a convection oven. But please correct me if I am wrong.

    Starbucks' coffee makes me ill, nauseous. So, I buy the coffee from "Tiny Footprint Coffee." Their coffee is from Segovia – Nicaragua. It is organic, carbon negative, tastes pretty good and best of all I don't get sick.

    Disclaimer: I occasionally eat breakfast in fast food places out of laziness (don't want to get the kitchen messy) and convenience. So there you have it.

  12. Avatar

    The fast-food wars was predicted in this 80's movie, what was it called?
    anyways spoilers it's taco bell

  13. Avatar

    People need to start making breakfast at home, being healthier.

  14. Avatar

    Not gonna lie, I was shocked the one day I found a Wendy’s serving breakfast. But it makes sense in a downtown region to be doing so; you’ve got a lot of customers on the move and very steady flow.

  15. Avatar

    I thought only Popeyes was getting the hype

  16. Avatar

    fast food is awful, looks nothing like advertised. only eat fast food if your desperate!

  17. Avatar

    Fast food for Breakfast ? ah ah ah ah 😀

  18. Avatar

    Just more reason why fast food should be illegal. #Jakehunter88

  19. Avatar

    Has anyone seen demolition man?

  20. Avatar

    People could make real food at home but they love love love breakfast at Wendy’s? No wonder Americans are obese

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