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Why Black Workers Face a Slower Economic Recovery | WSJ

Black unemployment has historically been higher than white unemployment in the U.S. This gap was narrowing before the coronavirus pandemic. But with unemployment hitting record highs across the board, Black Americans could be left even further behind. Photo illustration: Carter McCall/WSJ

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    Only one? Prison time for ya convict

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    Proverbs 8:1 Does not wisdom call,

    And understanding lift up her voice?

    2 On top of the heights beside the way,

    Where the paths meet, she takes her stand;

    3 Beside the gates, at the opening to the city,

    At the entrance of the doors, she cries out:

    4 “To you, O men, I call,

    And my voice is to the sons of men.

    5 “O naive ones, understand prudence;

    And, O fools, understand wisdom.

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    their jobs and kinds of professions can lead to differences.

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    It’s time for economic equality in terms of opportunity. Your skin color shouldn’t determine success. Skills do. African Americans are as hard working as whites. (maybe even more so than White Americans) Let’s hope that the racial economic gap closes.

  5. Avatar
    Nicholas Rivera

    They are all still incredibly high for everyone. This is an American issue, not one solely for African-Americans. Regardless of race there needs to be new protections for everyone that is unemployed until they can get back to work.

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    Why is africa so backward? there is not a single normal country.

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    They are just not that into you.

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    Most Amazon's are hiring as we speak…

  9. Avatar


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    Or put your faith in voting 🗳 for the lesser evils of one or the other rich Elite Geezers, presented. 😂 lol.

    Trusting in man 👨 can be vewy, vewy twicky.

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    Travel With Alexander

    Why is 2020 like this?!

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    Why is it everything about black??

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    I'm in college and have been applying to places with hiring signs but they don't callback. I'm currently on PUA but the extra 600 expires at the end of the month. I'll be okay though cause I live at home.

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    This is white racism, they just work worse and employers do not want to deal with them

  15. Avatar

    It’s not about color. It’s about culture

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    Come back to Africa, everything is probably great there.

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    Report about other races having a slow recovery from covid 19

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    Maybe black unemployment is struggling because blm and antifa torched thousands of black owned businesses and businesses in black neighborhoods?? They care so much for blacks, they burned their neighborhoods to the ground!! NAHH Its probably orange man bads fault!!

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    let's see the data by income instead of race. same old divide/conquer bs from the wsj

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    Idon’t get why you are comparing only black and white. As far as I know, the US population is multi racial, so a fair comparison must include all the groups.it is notorious that the asians are faring better than the whites in both education and wealth and probably this won’t help the narrative in fashion today.

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    Jaime Berasategui

    HAHAHAHA you consider 13% a big unemployment, and here in Spain that is a low rate. We are used to have 15-20%

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    Aurora Borialis

    Why black workers face a slow economic recovery..?

    Because it's America!…duh…!

  23. Avatar

    I believe its more of an education gap than racial. I believe the same thing with women employment as well

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    A businessman will never fire a good employee, he will only fire the one who works the worst.

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    Misanthropic Trilobite

    wAh WAhh

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    There are now lots of jobs so finding jobs instead of yelling on the street.

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    it is wrong to divide America into white and black, there are many races of different colors. And whoever does this is an even greater racist.

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    Lol race baiters

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    So much group based victim mentality. Can't we just treat people as individuals and remove all the victim labels?

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    Black people news. so hot right now.

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    WATCH THIS !!!!

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    putting black in the title generates more clicks – i clicked because of this

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