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Why Biden calls Trump a 'climate arsonist'

Humanity is said to have just 10 years left to start seriously tackling the climate crisis before passing the ‘point of no return’ with multiple-degree temperature increases, rising sea levels and increasingly disastrous wildfires, hurricanes, floods and droughts predicted.

Scientists say the US is far off the path of what is necessary for the nation and the world to avoid catastrophic global heating, particularly as in the past four years, president Trump has shredded environmental protections for American lands, animals and people.

As part of our climate countdown series, the Guardian’s Emily Holden looks at the issue and examines why the Democratic presidential nominee calls his rival a ‘climate arsonist’

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    ∙Revealed: the full extent of Trump's 'meat cleaver' assault on US wilderness ► https://www.theguardian.com/environment/ng-interactive/2020/oct/26/revealed-trump-public-lands-oil-drilling
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    I am strongly disagree with her opinion about OIL industry!!! I would rather pay .99c/gallon for American gas THAN $2.99+ for gas from Kuwait or other countries from other side of the world.
    Obvious supporter of by-byDen.

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    'It's science!' You Democrats, why do ignore science when it comes to abortion?
    Your selection of science is like cherry-picking facts.

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    why does binden take dirty money , like his son ….report on that

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    Rabbi James Smith

    I call Biden a child sniffer. And lefty arsonists start the fires, you're welcome.

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    There actually aren't more fires in California; the recent difference is that they're simply causing more destruction. Trump was correct in saying it was due to forest mis-management. The amount of timber taken from Californian forests has dropped by 80% in 25 years, largely due to environmental controls. California has environmental taxes, but prefers to spend those on rail projects rather than managing the fuel load in forests by tree thinning, brush removal and removal of diseased trees. Global warming may well be happening but to blame the recent destruction from forest fires on global warming is simply silly, that is simply Californian politicians trying to deflect responsibility

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    Neither Trump or Biden will do enough to tackle climate change. Biden has proudly declared himself to be pro-fracking ffs

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    and im sure that dams and nuclear power plants is better yeah lol solar panels and wind dont produce enough electricity and never will. what happens when coal plants fail not a lot, whens the last time u could live in pripyat

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    Defund the BBC

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    Some ppl will just never learn but that dosent mean I support biden

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    Building strong, but;
    basement weak

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    Release the bot accounts towards any left wing media posts

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    Climate change…..it's a Climate SCAM……….a money making SCAM……….

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    So what is your answer then young lady we cant rely on wind power so what is your answer to global warming ?

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    The Guardian Has Fallen

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    Emily Holden……Why not have chat with real experts like these fellows – Prof Ian Plimer….Prof Richard Lindzen…..Prof Bob Carter ….Prof Willie Soon…..Dr Denis Rancourt…..Prof Fred Singer……Lord Christopher Moncton…..Marc Moreno….Prof Roy Spencer…..Dr Luigi Mariani……Prof Philip Stott…..Dr Hendricks Tennekes…..Dr. Boris Winterhatter…..Dr David Bellamy…..Dr Bjorn Lomborg …..Dr Robert Durrenberger……Dr. Nicholas Drapela……Dr.Patrick Michaels…..Dr Lea .C. Gerhard……talk to these real EXPERTS and they will I assure you that they can explain all there is know about the false claims etc.. of the Climate Scam

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    Trump and the republicans are monsters trying to take health care from 100 million americans in the middle of a pandemic, vote him out.

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    He just says what he is told to by people who think they can fully control nature and the universe

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    "Humanity is said to have just 10 years left to start seriously tackling the climate crisis before passing the 'point of no return' "

    The 1990s called. They'd like their slogan back.

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    Climate change is real, but trying to blame Trump for it all is BS. Joe only gives a F now because he wants to get elected. Do you see how he flipped on fracking when pressed. Lol

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    Weather = flash floods + flash fires + flash mobs + flash infections
    Climate = 30 years of weather
    Greenhouse gases went up 45% in 30 years.
    By 2025 — 66% of people will live in water stressed areas.
    Water stress will threaten 50% of thermal power electricity.
    Water stress will threaten 30% of planned hydro power electricty.
    From 1971 – 2018 earth heating averaged 0.47 watts/m².
    From 2010 – 2018 earth heating went up 46% to 0.87 watts/m².
    This is rapid heat acceleration
    We must stop burning 50% of fossil fuels in 10 years to survive.
    This cannot be done.
    Fossil fuels have been 80% of global energy for over 25 years.
    Electricity is 20% of global energy.
    Renewable electricity is 4% of global energy.
    Solar & wind electricity is 2% of global energy.
    By 2040 electricity will be 24% of global energy.
    By 2040 renewable electricity will be 15% of global energy.
    By 2050 renewable electricity will be 28% of global energy.
    North Euro solar panels work 11% of the time.
    North Euro onshore wind turbines work 22% of the time.
    North Euro offshore turbines work 30% of the time.
    Europe gets 50% of its renewable energy burning stuff.
    Europe burns 80% of the world’s wood pellets for renewable electricity
    Europe burns 80% of its recycled plastic & paper for recycled electricity
    Europe burns 50% of its palm oil shipments in cars & trucks
    Out of earth's 1.2 billion vehicles only 6 million are electric
    Electric cars and batteries will have no positive effect on climate whatsoever
    Most solar solar panels will become un-recyclable garbage generating 6 million tons of waste per year by 2050.
    In the last 10 years the US cut emissions more switching from coal to gas than Europe did investing in renewable energy.
    There are 23 billion chickens on earth, if one sneezes we all get the flu
    500 years ago there were so many cod fish John Cabot thought they would capsize his ship
    400 years ago there were more Caribbean sea turtles by weight than buffalo on the plains
    300 years ago Passenger pigeon migrations would block out the noon day sun
    97% of great fresh water species gone since 1970 ( Guardian 2019 )
    96% of mammals are livestock and human by weight ( Ecowatch 2018 )
    96% of tigers gone in 100 years ( IFL Science 2019 )
    90% of elephants gone in 100 years ( Hurriet 2019 )
    90% of lions gone in 100 years ( African Impact 2019 )
    90% of Leatherback sea turtles gone since 1980 ( Earth Watch undated )
    90% of Monarch Butterflies gone in 20 years ( Inhabitat 2014 )
    80% of Antarctic Krill gone in 30 years ( Research Gate 2005 )
    77% of Eastern lowland gorillas gone since 1996 ( Treehugger 2020 )
    68% of world’s wildlife has been wiped out since 1970 ( Mongabay 2020 )
    50% of Marine vertebrates gone since 1970 ( WWF 2015 )
    50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985 ( Live Science 2012 )
    40% of Giraffes gone since 1990 ( NRDC 2019 )
    40% less insects in next 30 years ( PNAS 2019 )
    4% of mammals are wild ( Vegan News 2020 )
    This is called mass extinction
    Sources for all these statements can be found when asked.
    If I had a nickel for everytime I didn't know what was going on I would wonder where all the nickels are coming from — Loki 2020

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    michael grabianowski

    This just in on FOX. trump to appoint Santa Clause as his new economic advisor!!

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