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Why aren't women asking for a pay rise?

More than a quarter of women say they’ve never asked for a pay rise – compared with less than a fifth of men.

A survey for Good Money Week, claims 27% of female workers haven’t discussed the subject with their boss, as they felt ‘awkward’.

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  1. Avatar

    Because they are dumb and don't know how to negotiate.

  2. Avatar

    Are the USA women ask for pay raises all the time they ain't scared

  3. Avatar

    Because they don't work as Hard as us gentleman 😅😅🤣😑😑 women have light Duties

    #djdangerorlando and Support me Grow

  4. Avatar

    Because the gender pay gap is a myth. The difference in what man and women earn on average is due to the difference in professions the genders choose and the hours they work on average.

    Women have a perpetual victim complex. They have evolved to nag and complain. Go ahead and delete this comment Sky.

  5. Avatar

    because women expect things to be given to them, it's biological

  6. Avatar

    For 40 years in the Ambulance Service women have always been paid the same as males, this survey may be false as all professionals in the workforce such as Police Fire, Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors have been on the same rate of pay for years, the same applies to Public Servants and Teachers so that only leaves a few who would need to ask for a pay rise.

  7. Avatar

    Because they'll probably get sacked for it

  8. Avatar

    Most dont ask cause they know they will be LAUGH and later FIRED for asking.

  9. Avatar

    Because they need to do the washing up first. 😉

  10. Avatar

    They don't have an issue with it then?

  11. Avatar

    the gender pay gap is only average earnings between male and female it does not a factor like asking for pay, jobs, sick days

    it has nothing to do with gender
    let me add some factors for the more simple-minded

    men on average work more overtime and hours

    women take more days off
    men ask for more pay

    women see a male friend got paid more REEEE! sexist

  12. Avatar

    The last time I checked girls and boys learn the same effing thing at school. Why are we getting paid less??? Have men learnt something different than women? What is the excuse for the salary rate?

  13. Avatar

    Bet this host asks for a rise all the time

  14. Avatar

    I know he is unwell currently, but

    *JORDAN PETERSON enters the chat

  15. Avatar

    Women need to stop using beauty & cosmetic products, as women are causing massive environmental damage, to boost their confidence <<< GENDER THAT

  16. Avatar

    If women are cheaper to hire, then men would be out of work. If women are very reluctant to ask for pay raises then men would be replaced with women because they women would be cheaper to hire…..

  17. Avatar

    But but….woman are empowered 🤣

  18. Avatar

    Men need to become MGTOW and leave these idiots to their nonsense.

  19. Avatar

    We live in MatriARCy actually.

  20. Avatar

    She must be boring herself, comments section full of men much more entertaining

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