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Why are some states canceling their GOP primaries and caucuses?

South Carolina, Nevada, Arizona and Kansas have canceled their Republican primaries and caucuses for the 2020 presidential election— but the move is more common than you’d expect. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    All of the aforementioned primary concels occured because there were no challengers to the incumbent running for reelection. Makes sense. This time around however, looks like somebody is nervous of a run off, so, do as the republicans do:CHEAT TO WIN! So much for "The best man wins", LOL.

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    Trump is getting unpopular with true Republicans.

  3. Avatar

    Wait why did Mark Sanford's own state not allow him to run against Trump in SC primary??

  4. Avatar

    Not allowing citizens to vote. Who the republicans???? Nooo unbelievable

  5. Avatar

    Dotard Trump is a total joke, a laughing stock!

  6. Avatar

    The man who was too afraid to testify before Mueller now is scared of primaries. Who's surprised?

  7. Avatar

    They’re worried the small dong cocksucker Trump will lose.

  8. Avatar

    Trump and fiends know they can't win unless they cheat in a myriad of ways.

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