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Who won the VP debate between VP Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris? | USA TODAY

The Vice Presidential debate had less arguing and a lot more talk about the issues, but there were still a few heated moments.
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  1. Avatar

    You know you a good debator when a fly doesn't bother you

  2. Avatar

    Pence won. Harris is over her head and seemed disingenuous.

  3. Avatar

    Don't forget that with Biden's age and cognitive decline, a vote for Biden/Harris is a vote for Kamala as President of the United States. Let that sink in. Joe won't last the full 4 year term. Do you really want Kamala Harris as the first female president? It should be a woman who we can be proud of. Someone like a Condoleezza Rice.

  4. Avatar

    It is clear , that VP Pence has no responsibility of the COVID situation in the USA, he has done a very, very good job with more than 200.000 deceased people , complete lack of any common strategy and work with scientists, less prayers and more work, he is the “current” VP.

  5. Avatar

    Pence crushed it !

  6. Avatar

    I wonder why she holds the black flyer while she is not . Riot supporter

  7. Avatar

    Pence/Trump for next 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Avatar

    Way Pance I was amazed , brilliant man, my vote goes proudly Red. Such a smart and honest man. Please be our President 2024

  9. Avatar

    Pence crushed her. Shes not prepared to lead

  10. Avatar

    Hey Harris, I’m pretty sure George W Bush’s War in Iraq was a bigger mistake than President Trump’s excellent handling of the coronavirus. Obamacare disaster was worse. Clinton’s NAFTA was far worse! The U.S. is being destroyed by terrible leaders. The last thing we need is a Radical Leftist first-term senator like you becoming Vice President.

  11. Avatar

    hi guys, i hope youre all having a good day!

  12. Avatar

    There is a difference between how Batman and Nightwing deal with criminals.
    Batman has a no nonsense approach. He doesn't hold back, doesn't bother engaging with the criminals. He just comes in beats the living shit out of the criminals, crushes them and leaves. Nightwing on the other hand is different. He's more considerate. He engages with the criminals lets them have their say and then proceeds to crush them in a much more elegant manner. That's what makes Nightwing more enjoyable. Its the same with the Presidential and VP debates.
    In the Presidential debate, Trump came in swinging. He had no interest in playing around. He didn't mince his words, he didn't hold back. He just came in, crushed Biden and went home. It was crass, brutal and had no elegance. It got the job done but it wasn't pretty.
    In the VP debate Pence was more composed. He didn't come in swinging. He decided to play ball with Kamala, let her say her stuff and then proceeded to smoothly and elegantly wreck her. It not only got the job done but it made the crushing look pretty and more entertaining.

  13. Avatar

    Pence won. End of the discussion

  14. Avatar

    Pence won without trying 😅 🇦🇺 Watched from Australia. She looks evil 👿

  15. Avatar

    Mike won!!!

  16. Avatar

    What would had done more than this against this pandamic ? Nothing more than this , but could do only less than this! when God imposed this pandamic thru evil China for the sin of People who aborted all the unborn innocent lives, removed away the counries biblical moral values and foundations from all divine systems – upon which the country and monitory systems were founded and established during past the glorifed years. The schools now closed once , had biblical commandments , the Courts now closed had that 10 commandments. All ,that founding Fathers had divinely rooted. Those were all abolished and then system of Satan had come in automatic and hence this pandamic too , now. This pandamic will itself be a cause to ensure restoration by God's values as it leaves . It can be possible to God only thru a proper Administration . God will ensure this by this election. God Almighty and Lord the Christ and Holy Spirit had decided it already . It will happen . The God had selected the Correct President already even before the debate. Thank God. Let this pandamic be taken back now. Someone has expressed to have alliance restored with China in debate – the Enemy of the Human who brought this pandamic to this country for them to dominate. God will not allow that Someone to retore the dirty and heanious Country be again decide the life in this Country and rest of 262 counries affected.
    God Almighty had chosen the right Leaders already ..Thank God. People now have acknowledged thru this debate who are going backwards and wish to restore the alliance with evil China now. No way… Thanks for the arranged debates. People know what is the agenda of Satan who intents to correcpt the mind of Someone and pass to whole Nation and People . Thank God. Be our savior once again !! Godly People now have genuine idea from this debateand reasonings to decide the Leaders ..God made it to disclose in the debate finally …

  17. Avatar

    Hey Harris, I’m pretty sure George W Bush’s War in Iraq was a bigger mistake than President Trump’s excellent handling of the coronavirus. Obamacare disaster was worse. Clinton’s NAFTA was far worse! The U.S. is being destroyed by terrible leaders. The last thing we need is a Radical Leftist first-term senator like you becoming Vice President.

  18. Avatar

    Pence clearly took advantage of 2 women by continuing to talk even when he was repeatedly told his time was up. He bullied these ladies and broke the rules. For a party that desperately needs the female vote, I think he did more harm than good!

  19. Avatar

    Kamala is double faced and a liar!!

  20. Avatar

    Mike Pence stomped harris. He is everything Biden, Harris and Trump are not. Well spoken, calm, rational, & professional.

  21. Avatar

    She use the word fight all the time, she say yes abortion yes free drug maruhuana, she invites to continue the hate in america, between they , she is the racist and looking divide the citizens and confront them. I say my vote will ever for capitalism and not for socialist, the socialist is the bad way anywhere

  22. Avatar

    I come from a socialist country. If you want to be become like Europe vote for Biden. If you want to keep what is left from your freedom vote the republican

  23. Avatar

    Mike pence demolished her.

  24. Avatar

    Flies always love a good piece of shit! lol 😂😂😂

  25. Avatar

    Pence destroyed her

  26. Avatar

    Someone wants to cover it all with a phony smile which People of sense are able catch . Smiling does not solve the problems of the Country and the People .
    Be serious with problems like the Other Person .
    Smile is Phony for Thieves to attract innocents and babies only.

  27. Avatar

    Lies GO TRUMP / PENCE 2Q2Q 👍🇺🇸

  28. Avatar

    Pence won by a mile

  29. Avatar

    Kamala Harris won in this debate.

  30. Avatar

    You know pence won when nobody in the main stream media talks about kamala crushing pence

  31. Avatar

    Harris is a class moron

  32. Avatar

    Kamala caters to her base by lying and twerking to Cardi.
    Mainstream caters to her base by lying and joking we need a WAP.
    This whole bunch of incompetents is why America has been struggling to run efficiently for decades.

  33. Avatar

    You got kkk president in the white house now and his got Corona virus.

  34. Avatar

    Trump 2020!!! Pence 2024!!! VP Pence is so smart truthful and professional. Kamel toe had an affair with Willie Brown in order to move up. She is rude condescending and wants to make sure you know she is an attorney. Lol. Her mouth has said and done some evil things.

  35. Avatar

    Biden nailed it. Come on….Kamala is just anothet stuck up democratic phoney.

  36. Avatar
    Amando E. Gavino Jr.

    Trump 2020!! Tons of none answers from the left AGAIN!!!!!

  37. Avatar

    Pence, just like his Covid infested butt buddy, lied through his teeth the entirety of the debate. Harris stated facts. What part do you simpletons not understand?

  38. Avatar

    It was pretty good to watch. Mikey P demolished her though.

  39. Avatar

    It’s obvious who won: Mike Pence. I invite you guys to watch the whole debate as media once again is trying to hide the key moments of the debate. What a great VP is Mike Pence! Respect from the UK! 🇬🇧

  40. Avatar

    Kamaltoe said Biden was a racist and he assaulted a woman and she believed the woman.
    As soon as she was selected VP she was like Nah- it was a debate and he’s really the best man ever blah blah blah.
    Seriously- I mean in all seriousness- who trusts her?
    And……. who still doesn’t understand Democrats call EVERYone racist to smear them, even each other. 🙄

  41. Avatar
    Max The Character

    I like how Pence closed his side of the debate. Not once did he say in that moment that people should vote Trump to unite the people. Instead he spoke as a leader who wants to unify the people.

    Kamala used that as a chance to tell voters to vote Joe Biden.

  42. Avatar

    Mike Pence aka The Thunder God of the United States won, hands down.

  43. Avatar
    Freedom and Will

    Pence won

  44. Avatar

    Nancy pelosi " good morning sunday morning"

  45. Avatar

    I don’t support any of these fools and it’s clearly evident that Pence dominated this debate. The media is truly disgusting and downright dangerous.

  46. Avatar

    Pelosi biographer as moderator … another Democrat cheat. Harris quotes lies as facts, she does that well.
    Pence is a star, best VP ever ✨

  47. Avatar

    Pence absolutely destroyed her. Disregarding political stances; he won hands down. She wouldn’t answer questions, she mostly made arguments based in opinion, & expressed righteous body language the entire time.

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